October 28 04

So, it’s 12:00 and I just got into the office for the day. for the past two nights, I have not gotten any sleep. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s because for two nights in a row, Emily has woken up in absolute agony because her ‘gina was hurting her (her word, not mine). She was screaming in pain, and i couldn’t do anything for her.

after the first night, i thought i should take her to the pediatrician – she probably had a bladder infection or something. but yesterday morning she woke up and almost had no clue what i was talking about. She said, “i’m fine Mommy. My ‘gina doesn’t hurt me.” So, i let it go.

but, sure enough, last night, she was up and screaming the entire night.
so, this morning i didn’t give her any choices, i lugged her to the dr. but, of course, they couldn’t see me until 10:15, which ultimately became 11, so here i am, at noon, just getting to the office.

so, she was better than i thought she’d be giving the urine sample. She did manage to pee all over my hand, but i figured that was going to happen. So, her urine was fine – nothing wrong there. He took a swab and sent it off to the lab for any other kind of bacteria or infection. he thinks she may have rubbed something raw and it’s irritating.

but, it’s rather curious. why is it only hurting her at night? bizarre.

oh, do i hate the doctor’s office. i feel like it’s a biohazardous place. emily kept touching toys and making me read her books. imagine what kinds of hands were on those books before. yeesh. ooh, and at one point, emily picked up a flute and almost blew it. i snatched that thing right from her hands just in the nick of time. how can you have a flute in a doctor’s office? no wonder so many kids are sick!

Dr. Friedman did think that i needed to see a doctor. he said that i didn’t sound good and he was not at all happy to hear that i have had this for 4 months now.

i opted for casual casual dress today – yummy gray sweater, jeans, and get this, running shoes! i figure if i’m only going to be in the office for 3 hours, it’s not worth getting dressed up. i didn’t even dry my hair, but it actually looks pretty decent – – – it’s that new not curly/not straight hair that’s all the rage. lucky me i get it from not blowing my hair dry.

so, i may be a little distraught over this…but at least i’m comfy.

  1. Hope Emily is doing better and you can get some sleep! I HATE taking Taylor to the Dr. because of all the germs she can get while we are there. At her last check-up, they asked if she was throwing tantrums and I said “yes! She just did in the waiting room,” and when he asked why I said it was because I wouldn’t let her play with the toys he had! The Dr. even said I was probably right and they would be full of germs! yuck.

    Comment by Anonymous on October 28, 2004

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