October 27 04

interesting story that my friend Orah sent me.

This is so not even funny.
How is it that a child can weigh 90 pounds in kindergarten?? That’s Mary Kate’s size!! I will not disclose any of my poundage, but i don’t weigh that much more than 90 pounds.

250 pounds in middle school? How does that happen? How does a parent let that happen?

1,072 freakin’ pounds. That’s about 10 of me. It’s like you just want to smack the poor guy in the face and tell him to just lay off the krispy kremes for a week and he could drop some weight.

I’m glad to hear that he’s no longer bed-ridden and that he’s walking up stairs and even swimming. I hope that he keeps the weight off and begins to live a more healthy lifestyle.



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