March 2 05

Okay..after watching TAR last night, the husband and I have narrowed our boys names down to 2 – Meredith and Lynn. WTF? How did the producers manage to get, not one, but two men with women’s names in their race? I mean, sure, last season, Hayden was a girl, but Meredith? I giggle every time I hear it.

I hope Ray and Deana aka team “Suck it up” don’t become the next Jonathan and Victoria…we don’t need any more of those.

I love Rob and Ambuh. I admit it. he had me at “Holy Cannoli.”

Stupid. stupid people. check first to see if there’s something earlier than 7:40. one of the first rules of this game. don’t just go start digging.

Kelly is NO beauty queen. I’m just sayin’.

I like Brian and Greg.

I’m sad to see Ryan and Chuck get the first philimination. There’s nothing like some rednecks mangling Portuguese. And not since Big Tom was there ever such a drastic need for subtitles on Reality TV.

Best line of the night:
Patrick: “Man, I’m glad I peed before I did that.” Heh.

  1. Great post! I’ve added it and commented on it at our blog about reality TV:

    Keep up the great posting!

    Comment by rob on March 2, 2005
  2. Yeah… Meredith and Lynn. I was wondering if those names are like Ashley and Vivian, which are Western names always used by girls but I have heard can be used for boys as well.

    This season looks good so far. A lot of single-sex teams. The most we’ve seen in a while, I dare say. 🙂

    Comment by nat on March 2, 2005

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