May 18 05

I made two purchases this week that have pretty much saved my life.

the first is a body pillow. i used it last night for the first time, and had the most glorious sleep. I didn’t toss and turn. i just went right to sleep. what a pleasure! i can’t believe i didn’t invest in one of these before!

the second is the Colgate 360. oh, it’s amazing. I’ve been suffering from what i call “hot mouth” (no, it’s nothing sick…). i had it during my first trimester and unsurprisngly, it’s made it’s return in trimester 3. i used to be a gum person – i always had some sort of mint gum in my mouth. all the time. since i got pregnant, however, i haven’t been able to look at gum. thus, the hot mouth. no relief that i used to get from gum. i’ve tried mints, i’ve tried those listerine strips. nothing works. until now. this toothbrush, for some reason, ah, it’s great.

i now officially look pregnant, instead of just chubby. it’s about freakin’ time. the receptionist in our office was shocked out of her mind on Monday when i walked into the building. She said, “oh my goodness! You’re pregnant! i had NO idea.” and this is a woman who sees me every single morning. i guess i’ve “poppped” as they say.


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