July 30 04

Okay…I just watched someone come out of a bathroom stall at work and NOT WASH HER HANDS! Gross. It’s almost as bad as the first week I started working here and I saw a woman’s feet in the stall next to mine…And she wasn’t wearing any shoes!!!

Last week I took my kiddies to my husband’s baseball game. Inevitably, I heard the words, “Mommy, I need to make.” After I told her that the only place there was to pee was the port-o-let, she said, “I’m just joking Mommy, I don’t need to make.” So, I, as a germophobe, was quite happy to not have to figure out how we were both going to fit in the stall, without either of us touching something. But, I, as the mother, was not so happy. I knew that she wasn’t “just joking” – most kids don’t joke around about things like that.

I proceeded to ask her about 18 times over the next 5 minutes until finally she started doing the dance. And I knew it was time. As a side note, after taking Emily to the cottage for a few days while we were away, my mother in law told me that Emily is just like me. She didn’t want to pee in the toilet in the cottage because she didn’t think it was clean enough for her. I guess I’ve trained her well – – – no peeing in nasty looking toilets.

Luckily, I came up with a good plan. I took her behind the port-o-let, stripped her down, dangled her legs over my arm until she was in a sitting/squatting position and let her pee. A little pampers wiping and some purell and we were good to go. How’s that for a little ingenuity?!? And I wasn’t even a girl scout!!

  1. Imagnie if you WERE a girl scout..you probably could have built a toilet seat right there out of 5 diaper wipes and a purell bottle cap. (i’m not sure how that would work, but you get the idea)

    Comment by obabe on July 30, 2004
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