July 20 04

Larry King interviewed Martha Stewart yesterday- her first and only live interview since her sentencing. I copied this little bit from the transcript. I think it’s interesting that even though she’s going to jail, she’s still got her instructer hat on. This time, instead of teaching  how to bake a cake or arrange flowers, she’s teaching her public how to go to jail gracefully.
KING: This process taught you what?
STEWART: Oh, it’s taught me a lot of things. And I think I’ll write a book. Because, I think it could be helpful to other people, just about — just about what lawyer to choose, how to behave, how to attend an interview. I mean there’s things that, you know, there’s no how-to book about this.
KING: No, there ain’t.
STEWART: There isn’t. Not that, you know, it’s going to be a big bestseller. But for anybody who has to go through this process, there should be some guidelines. Because, guidelines would help.

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