December 16 04

now available for your viewing pleasure.

  1. It looks normal to me. I don’t see anything out of the ordi – oh. Yup. That’s pretty bad.

    Comment by Sean on December 16, 2004
  2. Did anyone actually ever believe that all of these pop stars were singing flawlessly while jumping all around the stage?
    Think about it – they’re sweating like pigs, jumping up and down, gyrating with fellow dancers – and meanwhile never missing a note?
    We’ve come to expect a show when we go to see a concert. We don’t want to see the Fab-4 type of production where the performer stands robotically at the mic…
    Dance till you can’t dance – till you can’t dance no more. Get on the floor and get raw. Then come back and upside down. Easy now, let me see ya move …
    Thus, we pay the price. Singers need to lip synch or at least have vocal backups to pick up some of the slack.
    I’m neither suprised nor disappointed.

    Comment by Giblet on December 17, 2004
  3. it’s not the lip sync that’s the issue. everyone does it – we all know it, and we are all okay with it. it’s only an issue when they
    a) say in interviews that they are 100% live when they sing….aka…they are lying.


    b) they are not even doing a good lip sync job. if you aren’t going to sing live, at least learn how to lip sync well.

    Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan are guilty of both A and B.

    Comment by Ali on December 17, 2004
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