August 31 04

Daniel : Can’t one of the neighbors drive the carpool? What about Mr. Kopek?
Mrs. Miller : He’s 88.
Daniel : So he’ll drive real slow.
Mrs. Miller : He’s had three strokes.
Daniel : But never while driving.

oh, happy day. my carpool woes have come to an end. I’ve got a carpool!! woohoo!! let’s uncork the best champagne. I can’t be smiling any bigger!!

I’ve been so stressed and worried about this all summer, and finally, the Diamond family has come through. I am forever in their debt.

  1. You mean: you are forever in their debt…

    Comment by Giblet on September 2, 2004
  2. yes, i do mean that. i’m not a very good editor, am i?

    Comment by Ali on September 2, 2004
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