May 17 05

Today i have been married for 7 years.
holy crap.

7 years.

and just how are we celebrating this momentous occasion? by going to a charity dinner with 500 of our nearest and dearest. Actually, we could possibly be the only people under 50 there. boy, am i excited. (and just in case you aren’t that clever, that was sarcasm.)

that’s it. i’m treating myself to a frappucino.

i was so good. really, i was. i hadn’t had one in over a year. i gave them up for regular plain old coffee or if i was feeling slightly more daring, i’d have a latte or cappucino. but then, in comes my stepmother, who stops at Starbucks several times a day (no joke). she was in Toronto for 3 days and must have brought me 5 frappucinos. and let’s just say…once an addict, always an addict.

i think i need some sort of support group.
until i find one, though, i’m having me a frappucino today.
it’s really not all THAT bad. it’s only 190 calories.
and i’m getting decaf.


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