September 29 14

It took us a really long time — and the help of several of our friends and family — to realize that last year we weren’t in Milwaukee for the Jewish New Year holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Last year, the holidays were super early (thanks lunar calendar) and fell just days after labor day and days after the kids began a brand-new school year, and just days before Emily had to be on set to shoot a television series.

Basically, we blocked last year out of our memories.

Because on Rosh Hashanah, the Martells belong in Milwaukee.

There are always copious amounts of both games of Settlers of Catan and baked goods. There are always many, many people sharing very few bedrooms and bathrooms. There are always meals with friends who are basically family — we see them once or twice a year, but it’s like no time has passed, except for all of our children getting older and cuter. And they always try to convince us to move to Chicago — I’m convinced they may be successful one of these years.

There is never any Scotch. (Kedem grape juice anyone?)

There is always singing — this year was For the First Time in Forever, the reprise, of course, Birdy, and Shawn Mendez.

There is always kugel — potato, sweet potato, stuffing, noodle.

There are always melty beads.

We always bring clothing that’s entirely inappropriate for the weather. Usually we bring Indian summer-y September clothing and it’s freezing. This year the weather was glorious and we came with suitcases filled with tights and boots and coats. I WILL NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT LOVELY WEATHER. I will soak up the sun and wear the boots with pleasure. I might sweat a little though.

We always discuss the Packers (AT LENGTH), and this year we got to discuss (AT LENGTH) our family fantasy football league which is almost exactly like The League only not really even a tiny bit. Although there’s a possibility that my son Joshua dangles into Ruxin territory. And we even got to enjoy Packers sunday in Packer country — and a big win too.

We always see her, even though now I have to link to her Twitter and not her blog because she doesn’t blog anymore.

We always try to take photos in the park. TRY.


We always spend time in the kitchen, and this year we made homemade Twix, because I really, really miss them. Stupid nut allergies. 

We always unplug completely for many days in a row, and spend many, many hours in synagogue.

We always go to Winkie’s for tchotchkies and use words like tchotchkies and go to Kopp’s for frozen custard. (Well, everyone but me. Stupid nut allergies.)

We always explore Milwaukee — we loved the art museum and the zoo, but our favorite was Discovery World, even though Isabella spent about three hours petting sting rays and sharks and we had to wring out her shirt before she was allowed to sit in the rental car.

discovery worldmilwaukee-zoo


We always leave with full hearts and full bellies.

It’s hectic, it’s tiring, it’s busy.

It’s perfect.

We know how to ring in the new year right. 

  1. Come back!

    Also, I might want to start blogging again, which may only have a little to do with the fact you just called me out on it! 🙂

    Comment by Kristabella on September 30, 2014

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