December 24 18

In 1997, during my gap year in Israel before it was called a gap year, I planted a tree in Israel.

We will circle back to this, I promise.



When I decided to start seriously looking for a job a few months ago, I really hoped for two things — I wanted to avoid a giant commute and I wanted to continue working within the Jewish community.

I have done the downtown commute before (and lasted an entire eight months), and even though I became quite adept at reading books on my iphone while standing, and even though I always had stories-from-the-subway blog material aplenty, I hated losing so many hours of my day to public transit, and I realized I just wasn’t made for the wearing comfortable shoes, carrying uncomfortable shoes lifestyle.

If you take a glance at my resume, you will see that my career trajectory has been somewhat atypical. I worked in educational book publishing — where one of the highlights of my work included reading The Hunger Games before anyone knew who Jennifer Lawrence was. I worked for several incredible online digital parenting magazines, some that had virtual offices, some that had downtown cubicle filled offices, and some that had no offices at all. I worked in garbage, making it sexy — where one of the highlights of my work included buying a sweet pair of steel-toed boots for my field trip to the dump. No, really. I worked for a Jewish Day School — where one of the highlights was that my clients were 900+ kids.

But the real highlight there was that not only was I using the marketing, publishing, editing, writing, social media, design, and communications skills that I learned a million years ago in school and that I picked up along the way while I was working at book publishers, parenting magazines, and garbage companies, but I was using these skills  within my own community.

And I knew I never wanted to do anything else.

I have had many interviews over the last few months — for synagogues, for schools, for amazing organizations that are doing great things.

And then a friend sent me a job posting.

And then another friend sent the same posting.

And then another friend.

And then my husband.

And I knew it was meant to be.

And now I am so excited (read: nervouscited h/t My Little Pony) to tell you that starting in January I will be the new Marketing Manager at JNF Canada.

So not only will I now be able to tell you about planting trees in Israel — and sharing embarrassing photos — but since that’s only a tiny fraction of the unbelievable things that JNF has done, is currently doing, and will do in Israel, I — and you too, I hope — will now get to be a part of building the foundations of Israel’s future.

  1. Wow! Hatzlacha!

    Comment by Chana on December 24, 2018
  2. YAY!!! Congrats!!! So happy for you! You’re going to ROCK it!!!

    Comment by Kristabella on December 27, 2018
  3. They are so lucky to have you, Ali!

    Comment by Chaviva on January 6, 2019

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