February 9 15

I’m the kind of girl who picks zombies over Grammys. Well, mostly. I’m actually the kind of girl who watches about 11 minutes of the Grammys — enough to see Pharrell win something, Taylor Swift not win something, a cupcake dress, and Madonna’s inner thighs — and accidentally discover that the zombies are back on tv after a way-too-long hiatus.

It’s funny, that. Because red carpets are high up on my long list of things I love — a list that includes such favorites as the perfect black pencil skirt, good scotch, maps, elbow patches, black and white toile, people who smell good, bicycles, a man in a suit, judging books by their covers, and oversized mugs — and I love, love, love music. But the Grammys? Not my thing. I’m saving up for the Oscars where Eddie Redmayne is sure to show up in velvet. (and probably that new wife of his, but, eh, mostly the velvet.)

I’m also the kind of girl who thinks it’s hilarious that I even own an ironing board. Maybe I should just sell it with my house.

I’m also the kind of girl who loves introducing my childhood favorites to my children. Things that went over really well: The Princess Bride, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, The Wonder Years. Thing that did not go over well: Saved By The Bell. The kids were skeptical, and not just because of Zack Morris’ giant cell phone. And Isabella walked out of the room during The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Also, hold the phone, did you know that in the first season the Fresh Prince theme song has AN EXTRA VERSE?! Yes, and now everything makes more sense and no sense all at the same time. Also, Isabella is still only lukewarm about The Baby-sitters Club, but I’m still holding out hope that when she gets to Logan Likes Mary Anne that she’ll be hooked4life. It’s #10, for the record.

I’m also the kind of girl who makes it not-even 5 minutes before changing into jammies after I walk into the house after work. I’m also the kind of girl who calls them jammies. Whatever, I also sometimes use my selfie stick when I’m not in a foreign country.


(And I watch The Bachelor.)


  1. I LOVE The Bachelor!! I was SO stoked with who got sent home tonight. Especially the girls’ reaction to the second one. So rad. (Trying to be vague as to not provide spoilers!)

    I tried to introduce Fresh Prince to my 13yo and she didn’t like it. I failed. Also? I LOVE THE OSCARS. And getting into sweats the moment I walk in the door. I’ll race you! ;)


    Comment by Jen Wilson on February 10, 2015
  2. Um, so apparently I’m you. With all the likes. Elbow patches and toile are two of my BESTS. God, I love a good elbow patch. And although I agree that seeing Eddie in velvet is enough of a reason to get on board with the Oscars, I have to admit I’m really watching to swoon over The ‘Batch – that’s Benedict – as he ambles over the red carpet. As for jammies, I’m always looking for a good, comfy pair. Any recommendations??


    Comment by Beth Barnes on February 10, 2015
  3. I’m the same way with the Grammys! I love award shows and I just do not care to watch the Grammys.

    Also, I’m the same with my PJs. The first thing I do when I get home!


    Comment by Kristabella on February 10, 2015
  4. Twins!

    Except for zombies. I can’t watch anything scary — I am a delicate flower.

    We watched Master Chef Canada instead of the Grammies and were bummed when Gav didn’t make the cut. But he was on the show! AMAZING.

    (My kids cheered every time he came on the screen and could not believe that I’ve BEEN TO YOUR HOUSE. He’s a celebrity in their eyes.)


    Comment by Angella on February 11, 2015
  5. Jammie time is my favourite time of the day!!


    Comment by Shan on February 11, 2015

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