December 19 14

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how much I love the movie Serendipity. I say almost because I’m actually really not embarrassed at all—it’s a guilty pleasure. I love the crap out of that kind of crappysappy movie.

It was where I got the idea to leave little notes — and my Twitter handle — inside the books that I finish on airplanes so when I leave them in the seat pocket in front of me for the next person to enjoy (paying it forward, yo) they can come and track me down on Twitter and tell me how they liked the book. It’s just one of those things. I have left at least 20 over the years and no one has found me yet…but I believe. In serendipity. It’s also such a splendid sounding word, isn’t it? It’s one of my favorites. Even the meaning is delightful — fortunate happenstance. I’m also a fan of felicity. (The show and the word.)

I truly believe that so many of the best things that have happened in my life have been serendipitous.

Just this past week, in fact.

All of this is to tell you that while you weren’t looking—and when I wasn’t looking, I went and got myself a job.


On January 5th, I will officially be starting an awfully big  adventure, as the Marketing Communications and Social Media Manager at this wonderful company. (You can follow them — and me! — on Facebook and Twitter, I would be so grateful)

It happened in a complete whirlwind that started with a meeting of fortunate happenstance, and some great conversations, and some important thinking, and some paper signing. Not only is it an exciting and challenging new role for me to sink my teeth into, but there are so many factors that just made it impossible for me to refuse.

It’s super close to my house — like, 15 minutes close.

It’s super flexible — in fact, I will be working two days at home each week.  

It’s a brand-new position — which means I have the opportunity to make it my own.

My dreams are still happening, those aren’t being put on hold. I will still be able to write and take pictures for this lovely school and still build my photography business. (Want to book a winter session? We can do it in-studio or outside, if you are brave!) 

I am ridiculously excited. Beyond. 

And you can cue the Tony Soprano jokes. We basically can’t stop making them around here.


(image from HBO)


  1. That’s awesome! :) congratulations!
    And next time I fly with a stopover in TO I WILL ddefinitely be checking the seat in front of me for a book!


    Comment by Shannon on December 19, 2014
  2. Yay! So excited for you!


    Comment by Kristabella on December 19, 2014
  3. Hooray! I read this on my phone and had to come and comment when I opened my computer. So happy for you!!!


    Comment by Angella Dykstra on December 19, 2014
  4. Congrats! I love the movie and the theory as well :)


    Comment by Cheryl Harrison on December 20, 2014
  5. […] My new job is…very new. I flip-flop fairly hourly between “Oh my god I am loving this job so very much this is amazing I am so, so happy” and “I’m really feeling very dumb right now because I don’t even know how a landfill works I’m failing miserably and someone’s going to discover that I have no idea what I’m doing.” But I feel like that’s probably normal, right? […]

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  6. Love it! Congratulations! So excited for you!


    Comment by Nenette on January 9, 2015

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