November 6 14

Isabella came home all smiles yesterday.


She had auditioned for her school play — High School Musical — with a roar-y Katy Perry song and it had gone better than she’d hoped. “Mama, they were all hopping along with my singing. I was the only one who got HOPS from the judges.” Frankly, it was nice to see her so happy, things have been a bit difficult with Isabella lately. She’s the kind of kid who gets completely addicted to television and sugar and occasionally we need to detox her from one or the other but after the way things have been going recently, we’ve had to detox her from both and it’s a little bit of bad timing since we just discovered that Full House is on Netflix.

The first week was tough, but we may have turned a corner a bit. She’s such a better human being with less sugar and less television in her life.

Obviously I understand a thing or two about sugar detox, although there was a slight falling-off-the-Oreo wagon situation today that was so entirely worth it. And I understand a thing or two about television detox, since I think I have to detox myself from Sons Of Anarchy a little bit because it’s so dark and twisted and sad right now that I’m having trouble with every episode, especially as we get close to the end of the series, and it’s not just because Charlie Hunnam decided to just give up trying with the whole accent thing.

Today I watched the first episode of the first season, where people who are no longer alive were still alive and well and Charming was a little bit more, well, Charming — and a heck of a lot more hairless. Right now people are just angry and dirty and beardy and so, so, so murder-y.

My job officially ended this past Friday.

It was the weirdest day in the history of days because it came and went like it was any other day and the only thing different was that at 5pm on Friday evening, my YMC email no longer worked. I spent the day working my job as I usually did, waking up at 5:45 to edit and publish that day’s content and curate the front page so when you woke up and opened up our page , it was a lovely and exciting new experience for you. I spent the rest of the day answering emails and publishing tips and creating a new poll and all sort of other things I used to do.

And then I 5pm it was all over.

So weird.

And then Monday morning was even weirder.

Because I woke up at 5:45, went downstairs and made a coffee, sat down to start my day and was like…

OHHHHHHHHHH yes now I remember. 

My life is different now. And it’ll likely take some time to figure out what my new normal is. I’m excited to figure out what it looks like.

Who knows, it might even include an episode of Full House. And Oreos. Definitely Oreos.

  1. Thank you for acknowledging that detox is needed from time to time. Sometimes I feel like I am the only mom in the world getting into a screen rut.

    I am looking forward to what comes of your new time and space. Good luck!


    Comment by Amanda on November 6, 2014
  2. I’d like to learn how to wake up at 5:45. I could use a few more hours in the day. I’m not interested in detoxing things. I like my addictions to flat bagels, wine, gin, coffee and crossfit to be as firmly entrenched as possible. I can’t stop watching Nashville. I know, that’s random, I just felt like telling you that.


    Comment by mara on November 6, 2014
  3. Funny, I am just in the process of detoxing my son from internet. It’s not going well.

    Minecraft and Warcraft and Skype gone bye bye…

    I feel good – my son, not so much.

    But his grade 8 Math WILL be better for it.


    Comment by Sarah on November 6, 2014
  4. That must have been so weird on Monday. You should have slept in! :)


    Comment by Kristabella on November 6, 2014
  5. So proud of you for taking the first steps and putting YOUR first. I’m also still trying to figure out what my daily routine is, so if you’d like to schedule a regular coffee date, I’m up for that :)


    Comment by Sonya on November 6, 2014
  6. My kids are WAY less … monkeyish? when we pare down TV and iThings. They’re so much nicer to be around.

    I’m excited to see where your path goes, lady. Because you’re so amazingly talented and gifted. It’s going to be amazing. :)


    Comment by Angella on November 6, 2014
  7. My daughter needs a Full House detox. I think we’ve seen every episode…4 times.


    Comment by Alison on November 7, 2014

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