December 14 12

Sometimes I find myself having a particularly rough time, which feels absurd to say because my life is pretty awesome.

I have a lovely family, everyone’s relatively healthy even though my husband might have Celiac and/or a milk allergy so coupled with my awesome allergies (Allow me to speak for you: there goes Ali with her woe-is-me allergies again), eating in our house has become slightly challenging (which is funny because my husband is a food blogger) and everyone’s relatively happy. But then there just things that all seem to happen at once and weigh me down so heavily like an uncomfortable blanket and then there are tears and more tears and more tears and then I see THE ZIT and I remember. It’s all very, “Oh! It’s all making sense now—why I want to throw my tea mug halfway across the room.” This week was extra emotional for me—there is one particular VERY BIG thing that led to a very confusing-to-many cryptictweet. And the one big thing plus the arrival of the zit made all the little things feel bigger somehow, all-consuming.

On a normal day, those little things wouldn’t turn me into the brunette-with-blond-highlights version of the Claire Danes Cry Face. Speaking of Claire Danes, on a normal day, the fact that Claire is so obviously visibly pregnant wouldn’t annoy me as much as it does this week. I mean, I really would love it if someone would call her out all, “Wow Carrie Mathison, did Abu Nazir feed you a giant buffet when he had you chained up in that warehouse?”

On a normal day, it wouldn’t annoy me to have to take my children to clearly unhygienic bathrooms where horror movies happen, multiple times.

Horror movies start here

Danny’s not here Mrs. Torrence.

On a normal day, finding out that there’s a blogger hate site forum about me would make me scream from the rooftops “DUDE I HAVE ARRIVED!” but this week, well, I’m mildly irritated by the fact that people are annoyed by how judgmental I am about undergarments and grammar. Don’t most people wear a particular type of undergarment? But hey haters, look what I did there, I started three sentences in the row with the same words—what a grating writing style I have there.

So, little things, yanno?

Which, again, absurd, because it has been a really good week for everyone else as casa de Martell. Even Joshua, who has the croupiest cough that ever did cough, but it earned him two days at home doing nothing but zombie-ing out in front of various screens of his choosing, what with no sisters around to fight over them. We had dance showcases where the girls got to show off their awesome hip hop moves for me. Miss Emily had her webisode debut where she showed off her stinkin’ adorable acting abilities and learned that she has been getting cheated with her allowance. ($11?? Are you kidding, TD bank? Are you going to pay her every week?)

And then there was last night when my husband got up on a stage and for a brief moment lived out his rock star dreams by singing a three-song set in front of a club full of strangers, his family, his friends, and his three children who most definitely should not have been allowed in the bar that very clearly said you had to be at least 19 to enter.


Gav in League of Rock

All I could think of, throughout the entire performance, was how I could never in a million years do something like this. I mean, not even just with my vocal un-abilities, it’d be the nerves that would get me. I have enough trouble with karaoke. Here’s a bit of video that I stole from my brother-in-law. I did get a bit of video, but I was concentrating so hard on getting actual real photos with the honking big camera that kept hitting everyone all night due to the giant external flash that was completely necessary because holy cow it was dark in there.

Also, LOUD.

Also, did I mention it was really dark in there?


Hi, I am old. And suffering from a slight case of the ringing ear this morning.

Which, on a normal day, totally wouldn’t bother me.

Let’s blame the zit.

  1. Aw, way to go, Gav!

    And DUDE. I need a link to the hate site. How could anybody hate on YOU?!? You are one of my most favorite people. Ever.


    ali replied on

    He was really awesome. It was such a nice night…scary bathrooms and hyper kids and all. Heh.

    Oh, it’s really not a huge deal…for real. It only irritated me a little bit because I fancy myself a pretty VANILLA blogger, yanno? Like…not offensive for the most part, so I was taken aback a bit.


    Angella replied on

    No, I know. I felt the same way when the crazy lady went after me on Twitter two years ago.

    But as for Gav – super cool. Dude’s an all-around talented guy. Just like his wife and kids. :)


    Comment by Angella on December 14, 2012
  2. There is a hate site about YOU? Okay then. I do not understand how these people have the time. Truly.


    Comment by Issa on December 14, 2012
  3. This post has so many awesome things! LOVE Miss Emily’s video! She’s so adorable!

    Gabe was AWESOME! I knew he would be! Thanks for sharing! I so wish I could have been able to come up and see it in person!

    Also, you are awesome and the best friend anyone could ask for! LOVE YOU!!


    Comment by Kristabella on December 14, 2012
  4. Gav rules and Emily…omg I die.


    Comment by Heather on December 14, 2012
  5. Wow! He is absolutely fantastic! I’m the same as you Ali, the nerves would totally get to me. But I would never do it more for my bad vocals. I mouth the words to Happy Birthday–there’s no need to scar young children.


    Comment by Sharon on December 17, 2012

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