December 26 07

anyone know what this is? anyone want to take a stab?

THAT my friends, is day-after-christmas shopping at its very worst. THAT is a careless mother, rushing in to a Christmas store that had put all its Christmas stuff at 50% off…and leaving her baby in the car. sleeping.

i don’t even have the words.

i waited to see if it was Britney Spears, and when i saw that it wasn’t, i shook my head at her and gave her the stink-eye. she’s lucky i didn’t remember her licence plate because i was going to report her sorry ass.

i had a quick flashback to my days when i had two babies under 2. when i used to carry one on my arm and put one in the stroller and schlep them out to buy milk…or when i’d stay home in the dead on winter because it was making me tired just thinking about bundling the two of them up and taking them in and out of the carseat…and this mother only had ONE. and he was SLEEPING. in an infant seat. how hard would it have been to press the wee button on the seat, pick it up, and carry it into the store?

was it laziness? was it ignorance? was it just her not wanting to have to fight her way through the other boxing day shoppers with an infant seat in tow?

i’m appalled today.

Isabella is too.

we are having a big ole blast here in Atlanta. My brother and sister in law arrived today with my nieces Lauren and Evie…so, of course, i’m in heaven…

i’m also in pajamas (oh, you are so loving that hoodie, aren’t you?? target $11!!) and no make-up…but you aren’t EXACTLY looking at me, are you??? yes. i love to kiss babies. and sure, my ovaries are aching a little bit…but as Rachel and i were talking about this evening…my body is telling me three, and hers is telling her four. my shop is CLOSED.

you can see more photos from Chrismukah 2007 on my flickr, of course.

  1. OMG! That is awful! My hubby travels ALOT so I’m often out and about with my 5 month old and 2.5 yr old and I would NEVER EVER dream of doing that. When he’s away on business, grocery shopping is such a chore that I pay the extra bucks and order through Grocery Gateway.


    Comment by Mom On The Run on December 26, 2007
  2. Did you call security? What happened?


    Comment by hello insomnia on December 26, 2007
  3. That’s unbelievable! Isn’t Christmas supposed to be more about being with your family and less about getting those Christmas napkins at half-price? Shame on her!

    I am lovin’ your hoodie! Why oh why can’t we have Target in Calgary?!?


    Comment by Lesley on December 26, 2007
  4. It’s summer here so that baby would not last long in the car here, but leaving your baby in the car at any time is so wrong. I would have called the cops – it is completely illegal here, that baby would have been taken away from her. Yesterday some ppl in Australia left their baby in the car for an hour and it died (the heat).


    Comment by theotherbear on December 27, 2007
  5. That is beyond horrible.

    I love your hoodie!


    Comment by Keri on December 27, 2007
  6. I am in shock; that is appalling. I can’t believe people sometimes.


    Comment by metalia on December 27, 2007
  7. leaving baby in the car is SO not okay! wow, that is just sad.


    Comment by Lara on December 27, 2007
  8. I, too, am in shock.

    But YOU? Are adorable. As is that baby!

    *nibble, nibble*


    Comment by Angella on December 27, 2007
  9. I’m pretty sure Isabella and my daughter Sophie both had the same fancy black dress for Christmas. So cute.


    Comment by jennie on December 27, 2007
  10. So disturbing! i think i’d have threatened to call the police on her. I mean, that’s really serious.

    Love tinkerbell!


    Comment by Haley-O on December 27, 2007
  11. That carseat picture bugged me. I would never even CONSIDER that. I once heard to never leave your child sitting where you wouldn’t leave a bag of a million dollars on its own. I thought that was a great analogy.
    But, really, not only is that dumb, it’s also incredibly cold out.
    On another note – I love Isabella’s dress. And your tinkerbell hoodie.


    Comment by Laural on December 27, 2007
  12. I would have SO reported her ass.

    Glad you’re otherwise having a great time.


    Comment by KC on December 27, 2007
  13. Oh my gosh, I want that hoodie! My hubby calls me Tink so it would be perfect :)
    And what a careless dingbat that mother was…how awful!


    Comment by Katie on December 27, 2007
  14. the pic isn’t working but i don’t need to see horrible to leave your baby alone in your car…love the expression on bellas face…i have never gone shopping on boxing day ever until yesterday.OMG.NEVER AGAIN.i almost had a panic attack from being so crowded by people.for someone as anti=social and people phobc as i am it was a NIGHTMARE.NOT TO MENTION HOW MUCH I hate SHOPPING….


    Comment by LAVENDULA on December 27, 2007
  15. oh stinkerbell and i love your tinky hoody


    Comment by LAVENDULA on December 27, 2007
  16. kissing babies= awesome. birthing babies=not so awesome. :)


    Comment by manda on December 27, 2007
  17. This is a joke right?


    Comment by ~JJ! on December 27, 2007
  18. outrageous .. I would have taken her license. These are the type that will leave their 8 yr olds at hom alone and go out, they HAVE to know deep down, this is wrong and dangerous – did you tear a strip off her when you saw her?

    ya .. LOVE the hoodie :)


    Comment by Sarah on December 27, 2007
  19. Cutest baby chewing on the cutest hoodie!

    Please tell me that someone called the cops on that idiot! That is disgusting!!


    Comment by Miss on December 27, 2007
  20. That is just WRONG. I rarely leave the house for all of the reasons you mentioned about having two babies, but even when I do actually leave, I’d NEVER consider leaving my children alone in a car.


    Comment by Jennifer on December 27, 2007
  21. Was the mother there when you took the picture? I would have totally called the police, and waited by her car to give her a piece of my mind.

    Moving on…you don’t need makeup, sweets. You are naturally beautiful.


    Comment by mamatulip on December 27, 2007
  22. Wow – that is appalling. I can’t believe some people…but on the upside those PJs are the bomb!


    Comment by Don Mills Diva on December 28, 2007
  23. Oh. my. god.


    Comment by Aimee Greeblemonkey on December 29, 2007
  24. I’d like to know what happened with this, too. I sure as hell wouldn’t have just given Mom the stink-eye…I would have called the police.

    Considering at least one child here in Dallas dies every year from a parent leaving him or her in a hot car in the middle of July, I don’t have any tolerance for leaving a child in a car unattended – for any reason.


    Comment by Stacy on December 29, 2007
  25. I am completely and utterly shocked! I have triplets, and you know how HARD it is to carry three infants in carseats? And this person wouldn’t even take ONE?!? WOW. I would have given an appendage to only have one child with me on shopping trips some days.

    Then again, maybe that’s what she did – took as many as she could handle emotionally and leave the last one to sleep :) Okay, it’s not funny, but it kinda is.


    Comment by loren on December 29, 2007
  26. You really should have reported this to the local police. A photo of the vehicle and the license plate, as well as one with the baby in the car would be enough…

    Unfortuanly (speaking from my work experience) it will happen again, and maybe next time she will be caught… So… There is still hope.


    Comment by Father of Five on December 30, 2007
  27. Holy shit! That is so unacceptable. I nearly die just having to pay for gas, two feet away, where I can still see into the car. Leaving a child to go SHOPPING?

    Aghast. Truly.


    Comment by b*babbler on January 2, 2008
  28. I remember when I was pregnant with my first, I took the dog to the vet and between getting him in the car and handling all my stuff, I left my wallet on top of the car and drove off. A good samaritan found the wallets and most of its contents and got them back to me.
    I was so terrified that when I had the baby, I would load up all my stuff and accidentally leave the baby on the roof of the car!!!


    Comment by Di on January 5, 2008
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