September 6 06

Isabella is not a crier, by nature.
she’s a happy, happy baby. she cries only when she’s completely overtired or if she’s hurt.
so, imagine the panic when i was getting the kids out of the van and isabella started crying out of nowhere. and crying. and crying. and crying. and didn’t stop. and started turning purple.
and then i saw it.

she had got her thumb stuck in this:
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what is that, you ask?
well, i’ll tell you.
that’s her carseat.
it has a finger-sized hole right on the armrest.
sure, the fabric is supposed to cover it, but curious children can quite easily pull that fabric up.

and do this to themselves:
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(it was really hard to get a good shot of her thumb, since she didn’t want me having any part of it, but she basically stripped a layer of skin off and the swelling? i don’t even want to talk about the swelling. bless her heart.)


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