December 2 05

~~Judd has the worst memory ever. wasn’t it just last week that he was outed for lying…and this week he dares to say, “i never lied once.” idiot.

~~Jeff should never use the word “booty” again. certainly not while talking to lydia.

~~i’m still not sure what stephenie was thinking. why did she think this was a smart move for her? sure, it was super smart on danni’s part, and pretty much everyone else’s. but steph’s? i guess she never has been the smartest bulb.

~~how’s this for messed? Cindy has an identical twin named Mindy. Jamie has an identical twin named Ramie (what’s a Ramie? is that even a name?). and Judd has an identical twin named Timmy.

~~why did Judd and Steph sniff their wads of cash? anyone else think that was weird?

~~and how come “one thing becomes clear” at every single tribal council? Jeff needs to come up with some new catchphrases!

~~lydia stirs the shit. much better than she does the pancake, i must say.


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