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randomly random bits

Can we talk for a moment about a serious problem that i have? What is with these word verifications? hmm? i understand WHY they exist, but i don’t understand why they have to be so complicated! why must some of them be 45 letters long? and why do they have…

the things we take for granted

Part of my job involves reading books. yes, folks, i DO get paid to read books. lots and lots of books. You see, i’m searching for 8 books to be used as read-alouds for 4th grade. (grade 4 if you live north of the border) But not just any books….

The Cause

happy monday everyone. i thought about all the things i wanted to write about today…. like my great weekend…we had friends over on saturday and went to the Bier Markt with Yitz and Juanita…i watched my little girl tap dance (she’s good! she’s really good!)…had friends over on sunday…we the…