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Anxiety From Non-Anxiety. It’s a Thing.

Things that still give me anxiety even with the anti-anxiety medication: Being late.  My elderly dog, who is now completely blind and terrified of the steps in our home. Finding parking downtown.  Things that do not give me anxiety with the anti-anxiety medication: Dancing in front of people. Coronavirus. The…

The Right Now Me

“The right now you, well it’s the best you. Best in a long time.” —Isabella Martell It’s a feeling I could barely describe, even when I sat in front of my doctor. “I just want to feel like ME again.” was what I said when I sat down. And she knew….


I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones. I’m sure it all started when I began this latest 9-5 working girl journey. Working from home in your pajamas? Comfortable. Putting on tights and heels and being at an office for the majority of the day? Less comfortable. I hear you…