I am a writer, a mama, a wife, a lion tamer, a diet coke quitter, a juggler, a getter-of-drinks.

I drink too much coffee, laugh at inappropriate times, and am no longer allergic to nuts.

I live in the nosebleeds of Toronto, but wish I lived in the city. Or on a farm. Or in Ireland. Or someplace where I can feel my extremities in the winter.

I like the smell of clean sheets and the feel of almost everything from anthropologie.

I chew minty gum and love history more than the average person should, really.

I like to quote movies, eat cookie dough, and read three books at one time.

I love Jon Hamm, Mindy Lahiri, I miss LOST, and I like indie folk music.

I wish I could rid the world of LOLspeak and wearing leggings as pants.

Annie Edison stole my wardrobe and my children tell me that I am a DOF (destroyer of fun).

I am learning to use my camera better and love my thighs more.

I am  the Marketing Manager at JNF by day, and a helper-with-homework and expert snuggler by night.

You can reach me at ali@alimartell.com
(I almost always answer right away, but I no responsibility for what my iphone may autocorrect.)