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Ali Martell is an accomplished writer, editor, photographer, pop culturist, humorist, storyteller, parent, and style blogger — and Cheaper than Therapy is where her audience comes to listen.

Ranked #4 on the Reader’s Digest list of Canada’s Top Ten Mommy Bloggers, Ali has been sharing, teaching, chronicling, and reporting accessible retail fashion, parenting, culture, and lifestyle trends to moms in the blogosphere for over 14 years. She does this in the form of how tos, tips, reviews and heartwarming narratives that reach across Canada and the US.

That’s what makes Cheaper Than Therapy so unique. 

Ali’s sweet, often humourous parenting stories easily set the stage for relatable brands, events, and sponsorships. But they never lose their heart and their messages of endearing individual perspective. From shopping for the right skinny jeans to the beautiful and often bittersweet rites of passage of her children, Ali’s genuine, approachable narrative is what inspires community engagement, and makes her a resource and an expert for her audience. Those same qualities also make her an ideal brand ambassador, sponsored representative, and speaker to moms everywhere.

Ali is also a social media influencer with staying power. She is active on Pinterest, Flickr, and Twitter, with her primary focus and engagement stemming from Facebook, where followers enjoy realtime streaming and updates throughout the day.

Follow Ali at @alimartell, and visit her at


Unique Visitors: 20,000

Page Views: 30,000

Social Media
Twitter Followers: 6,449

Facebook Friends:  1,847

Instagram Followers: 2,103

Pinterest Followers: 2,703


Brand Ambassadorship/Advocacy

  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Freelance Writing


Examples of topics and themes are:

  • Motherhood and Parenting
  • Fashion and Style Trends
  • Career / Life Balance
  • Parenting for the Spotlight
  • Storytelling


  • Direct reach to a well-defined audience
    • Moms, age 25 to 50
    • 1.5 kids
    • Home owners in Toronto, and U.S.
  • Established blog readership, and loyal fan following for 14 years

Rates (examples only)

Advertising on Cheaper Than Therapy 250×300 box, 3 months: $150

Basic Integrated Sponsored Post and Social Media Campaign (500 word post $1/word, 4 FB posts, 4 Tweets $15/post): $520

Live tweeting/instagram from event, brand ambassador role: $150 (6-8 tweets, pics)

Ali Martell Brands

Brands – are you interested in having Ali work with you to reach your audience? 

Please include a detailed description of the scope of your project, any press material or promotional collateral regarding your product, and budget/contra outlines.

Events and Conferences – are you interested in having Ali participate as a speaker, panelist, or session leader?

Please include a detailed description of your event, any press material or promotional collateral, including info regarding honorarium and/or per diem, and the topics or themes that are of interest to you and your audience.

2013 Canadian Weblog Awards winner

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