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5% I have heard many writers say that when they blog, they are actually only sharing about 5% of their lives with their readers. Now, I would bet that for some people, including me, that percentage is a wee bit higher, closer to, say, 15%. You know my name and…


When you live in the suburbs and you have a job that allows you to mostly park your behind on your couch, sometimes you forget about your love/hate relationship with trekking downtown. LOVE = people watching on the subway HATE = people watching on the subway, when people bring THE…

Who Moved My Cheese?

Let’s just take pause for a minute to commiserate with all the Steelers fans out there. But just a moment. Because. SuperBowl XLV Champs, baby!!!!!!!!!! I will be spending my morning perusing the internet for some championship t-shirts working. We went to our friends for a wings n’ chili party….