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The Steps at Versailles

I got yelled at in The Palace at Versailles. Twice. There are over 700 rooms at Versailles. No bathrooms, mind you. But that’s a story for another time. A pretty, um, unhygienic one about how up until not that many years ago Versailles still smelled like poop because, well, there…

Bad Stories.

I don’t remember why exactly I stopped writing here. It wasn’t really even gradual, I don’t think. One day I was writing regularly, an exercise that was good for my mental health and frankly, an exercise that I loved. And, you guys, sometimes I was even accidentally funny and/or smart….

A Check In

*Blows the dust off of this screen* Tap, tap, tap. So, anything new happen since I last posted? Just jokes friends because OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Are there any other words, honestly? The last time I posted was in June and my boy was graduating from high school. Since then,…