September 26 05

..she’s seriously disturbed. and i love her for it. changing the tie was priceless. where’s HER emmy?

~~Best line of the night: “She’s family. That makes her our bitch.”

~~Is Paul still stuck in the desert?

~~okay…the chained up guy in the basement…i’m assuming he’s the “dead” husband….did he remind anyone of Sloth in the Goonies?? Ruth? Ruth? Baby? anyone? and did anyone else get an incest-y vibe out of Alfre Woodard and her so-called son?

~~hmm..i would have thought someone called Ida Greenberg would have been Jewish, not Methodist…but that’s just me..

~~all in all. only meh for me. without Bree i would have been pretty disappointed. Gabi and Carlos. eh. but i did appreciate the photoshop line. Lynette. classic Lynette. of course she had to take her kid to the job interview. and Susan. annoying. and typical Susan.

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