July 6 06

Now this is for me.
It’s not a secret. the husband and i are NOT big zoo-goers. we’ll go once a year. or we’ll go when we are in Milwaukee and there’s NOTHING else to do, and we can’t stand another day of just sitting around on our asses doing nothing.
Riverdale Farm, sure. it’s a farm. it’s interactive. as is Bowmanville Zoo.
i don’t really have the animal cruelty issues, or what have you.
i just think they are boring as hell.
how many times can you go to the same zoo and look at the same animals doing nothing but being lazy? sure, you may get lucky and get some active animals (ooh…everyone hopes for the monkeys going at it, until their children turn to them and say, “mommy, WHAT are they doing???), but usually, they are just sunbathing. or scratching their asses. or sleeping. there’s nothing like getting your kids exciting to see some snoring animals!
also, there seems to be a tremendous amount of WALKING at the zoo. each exhibit seems miles away from the next. why do they do this? oh…i know…so after one long stretch my 5-year-old will say, “i’m sooo tired. and hot. and hungry. and thirsty. i hate the zoo.” and then about 15 minutes later, you can hear me saying the exact same thing…
maybe it’s just because if i’m going to spend that much money, i want some excitement. i’d rather get canada’s wonderland passes. or i’d rather go to African Lion Safari. now THAT is good times! I even enjoy a good aquarium (the new one in Atlanta is AMAZING), but i don’t think i could go more than once or twice.
i have NOTHING against people who love the zoo. some people do! (it’s the whole ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’ thing) we have many friends who have season passes and go all the time. that’s great for them.
it’s just not my bag, baby.

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