September 20 13

I’m basically Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, dumping my purse and my problems out right here in front of you. I don’t eat Cap’n Crunch pixie stick sandwiches, though, so there’s that.

To be honest, I’m always intrigued and interested to know what people keep in their bags. A friend of mine once pulled three unopened cans of Diet Coke from her purse. And a pair of shoes. I swear. When Emily went for her first day of filming a few weeks ago, we provided the entire cast with pens to fill out some paperwork. “Of course you have pens, you’re A MOM,” said Emily, “You always have pens. And gum.”

She speaks the truth, that child. Necessities, yanno?


Here’s what is currently in my bag: set of keys, Tic Tacs x2, TUMS x2, gum, gravol, pens x5, business cards, Zantac, epipen, Chapstick medicated x2, lip stick, lip gloss x2, wallet, anti-bacterial hand gel, hand cream, hair clips x2, bobby pins x2. (My phone would be in there, but I used it to take the photo, of course.)

Oh, and a LOFT gift card.


I will get back to this in a second, I promise.

First, let’s talk about pants.

My wardrobe has very few pairs of pants in it, and it’s not for lack of trying. I’m short, like, just under 5″2 short, and have fairly muscular thighs which are biggish in proportion to the rest of my body (thanks squats and lunges!) so most pants, well, they are built for someone else. They are either too tight in the thigh and too loose everywhere else. They are too low in the waist for my 35-year-old birthed-three-babies tummy. They are too baggy in the wrong places. They just…don’t fit me properly.

And I don’t even want to talk about the extra cost for the shortening. Always.

My friends at LOFT challenged me—they assured me that they’d be able to find me the perfect pair of pants. (Disclaimer: They did pay for my pair of pants, but as always, all opinions here are my own.)


Intrigued, I took them up on this challenge. IT CAN’T BE DONE, I said. I lugged my daughter (and my purse full of pens and gum) to the new LOFT store at Markville mall in Markham. I tried on about 45 pairs of pants, in both regular and petite. Everyone in the store—my daughter, employees, even fellow shoppers—agreed that the Petite Marisa Trouser pants are the best fit for me. There was no weird sagginess. They fit perfectly in the waist. And the didn’t make my thighs look big.

I concur.

And I walked home with a brand-new pair in black that require exactly no tailoring at all. No shortening, no nipping, no tucking.


I’m probably going back for the grey pair. And maybe the tan too.

And now LOFT wants to help you find the perfect pair of pants too!

They do have a quick 5-minute online guide to help you find the right style, but go into the store, tell them that Ali The LOFT Girl sent you for the royal pants treatment. To win, all you need to do is tell me THE MOST RANDOM THING IN YOUR BAG RIGHT NOW. Come on, it can’t be more random than the diet coke and shoes, right? I will choose a winner randomly at 9pm on Monday, September 23rd. Good luck!


  1. Most random things in my purse today? Soup spoon. My passport. Lyrics to “I’ve been working on the railroad” (didn’t even know that was in there!)

    Comment by Preshus Me on September 20, 2013
  2. A single prenatal vitamin. 😀

    Comment by Lisa on September 20, 2013
  3. Most random things in my bag: Chipotle receipt. And, uh, a Xanax pill that has been crushed to death. My bad.

    Those trousers are adorable on you. 🙂

    Comment by aly on September 20, 2013
  4. 600 ml water bottle I take to the gym, empty Tim Horton’s card, ipod, birthday party invitation to a party that happened 3 weeks ago.

    Comment by Tee on September 20, 2013
  5. Randomly carrying around a tape measure….from when I went to Home Depot 3 weeks ago. (Yes, it is kind of heavy, come to think of it).

    Comment by Simone on September 20, 2013
  6. My headache stick x3. Kept forgetting I had one in there so threw another one in

    Comment by Julie on September 20, 2013
  7. I must know what a headache stick is!!

    Comment by ali on September 20, 2013
  8. Hmmmmm. Strangest? HMMMMMM.

    I have 3 tubes of chapstick. Sort of overkill, ya know?

    Comment by Bethany on September 20, 2013
  9. Dental floss (you never know when you will need it), lip balm, x-acto knife, pocket knife, wallet, glasses, meds, perfume, werthers candy, photo’s of kids & husband, and always scraps of paper.

    Comment by Catherine on September 20, 2013
  10. I always carry a small tape measure and I also have the paint color cards from all the rooms in my house. It is easier to buy accessories if you have the color handy.

    Comment by Sandy W on September 20, 2013
  11. A chewed-on football mouthpiece that is not going back into an 8-year-old’s mouth after hanging out in the bottom of my purse for heaven knows how long. Ick.

    Comment by Kerri on September 20, 2013
  12. Not one, not two, but THREE bottles of nail polish!

    Comment by Krystin on September 20, 2013
  13. Eeep! I would be terrified of them spilling!

    Comment by ali on September 20, 2013
  14. High heels. Because I walk Michael to school in flop flops and change into work shoes when I get to work.

    Comment by jodifur on September 20, 2013
  15. I used to do that when I worked downtown…I rode the subway in those fold-up flats, but I always had my heels in a separate bag.

    Comment by ali on September 20, 2013
  16. mostly same as your (minus the zantac and tums .. but great idea!) but doesn’t anyone carry a cheque-book anymore? So cheque-book, address book and small kleenex pouch.
    What is Emily filming for? I thinked I missed something.
    BTW .. Micheal Smith was in the bookstore (cookbook) next to my work in Montreal this week, so cool! 6’7′ wow!

    Comment by Sarah on September 20, 2013
  17. Do people still write checks? I can’t remember the last time I wrote one. It has been at least ten years, I think?

    Comment by ali on September 20, 2013
  18. I write a check every week. The daycare my kids go to only takes payment in check, otherwise it would likely be obsolete in our household, too

    Comment by Caitlin on September 21, 2013
  19. OHHHH I have one in my purse! But it’s only in there because I had to smog my car last week and they only take checks. I haven’t taken it out yet. I swear though, I only write maybe four actual checks a year.

    Comment by Issa on September 20, 2013
  20. Nail clippers. I’ve never used them, but I just feel like they NEED to be there!

    Comment by Chris on September 20, 2013
  21. Hmmm mine is all mom/me stuff. Nothing odd. Basically like yours plus a few extras. But NONE of it is interesting. I don’t even have any old socks, half eaten snacks or small toys.

    I went to BlogHer one year with no less than 8 pacifiers in my purse. Yeah…I’d left the baby at home.

    Comment by Issa on September 20, 2013
  22. Yup .. just wrote 10 post-dated for my son’s school fees :), and it’s how I pay my snow removal guy and chimney sweeper 🙂
    did you like my quebecois spelling of checks .. we’re so confused in this Province lol

    Comment by Sarah on September 20, 2013
  23. a sewing kit (cant sew for the life of me), wallet, sticky notes, granola bar, a single stocking (that’s where it was..good thing you asked what’s in my purse.. ty)…and a mini translator..lots of treasures I didn’t realize were there

    Comment by yael on September 20, 2013
  24. I have a My Little Pony in my purse. Sparkleworks, if you must know.

    Comment by anne nahm on September 20, 2013
  25. I mean, who doesn’t, really.

    Comment by ali on September 20, 2013
  26. A tiny Spiderman.

    Comment by Jen on September 20, 2013
  27. Ok, my purse tends to be where receipts go to die. But randomly, I emptied out my purse when I got home and had one of the dog’s collars, a lightbulb for the stove (so I could match the replacement), an airplant (it fell out of a bag and I forgot about it) and prenatal vitamins.

    Comment by Darcey on September 20, 2013
  28. Just checked, the most random thing in my purse at the moment is 2 plastic M&Ms containers – both empty. I guess I should get around to throwing those out.

    Comment by Nicole on September 20, 2013
  29. I just switched purses today – I have to go with an actual cloth hankerchief – I have been moving it from purse to purse since my dad’s wake almost 7 years ago. Haven’t used it yet.

    Comment by Laura on September 20, 2013
  30. A nipple shield (TMI), diapers, wipes…new mama over here! My purse is no longer my own!

    Comment by Caitlin on September 20, 2013
  31. The dog’s collar with license. She is currently wearing a cone and the collar won’t fit with the cone.

    Comment by Alison on September 20, 2013
  32. A bear paw snack. It wasn’t needed one day but hasn’t left yet.

    Comment by Katy on September 20, 2013
  33. Baby nail clippers. I have a pair stashed in every bag so that I always have them on hand for ninja nail clipping when the feral toddler falls asleep in the car.

    Comment by Hillary on September 21, 2013
  34. The most random thing in my bag right now is a flow meter tester.

    Comment by Teresa on September 21, 2013
  35. What is NOT random in my bag? Lol I have the Sunday coupons from 2 weeks ago, 2 army men, a barbie bracelet, and a fresh pair of shoelaces for my middle child (who always seems to ruin his shoelaces one way or another).
    I dont seem to have my cell phone or my wallet which are things that SHOULD be in the bag…..

    Comment by Abby on September 21, 2013
  36. A tiny hat. For a doll.

    Comment by Lex on September 21, 2013
  37. Right now…my Sirius radio. I took was using it in a different vehicle and since it was raining so hard, I didn’t bother putting it in the car in which it usually resides.
    Otherwise, about 5 different lip glosses/chapsticks.

    Comment by Amanda on September 21, 2013
  38. It’s a toss-up between a pair of broken glasses that are the wrong prescription, packets of tabasco, and flashcards for my Greek midterm a year and a half ago (I’ve switched purses twice since then).

    Comment by Denika Anderson on September 21, 2013
  39. Three stain sticks. Three brands. For the record the Tide one works best.

    Comment by Amy J on September 21, 2013
  40. The cap to a baby food pouch- and my baby hasn’t eaten one of those in months. And a necklace from Joe fresh. Great contest 🙂

    Comment by Sara on September 21, 2013
  41. 2 unopened board books from chick-fil-a. At least a month old. I hide them during lunch one day and keep forgetting to put them away! I’ve recently lost 35 lbs and would love the royal pants treatment!

    Comment by Ashley on September 21, 2013
  42. Waxed hockey laces. Cause, you never know.

    Comment by Alyssa on September 21, 2013
  43. Hockey laces. Cause, ya never know.

    Comment by Alyssa on September 21, 2013
  44. a script for an ADD test!

    Comment by Jujubeejenny on September 21, 2013
  45. Most random thing? A mini 1st birthday cake. And a broken compass keychain. In case i get lost.

    Comment by Naomi on September 21, 2013
  46. Empty sunglasses case (for sunglasses I lost this past summer), crayons, perfume tester, safety pins, bulldog clip, hot wheel cars x2, purse hook, wallet, pad of paper x2… No pen or pencil?! Mints, gum, xylitol (you’ll be happy to know I took that large bottle of agave nectar out) and that’s pretty much it besides the crumbs… Lots of crumbs

    Comment by Cynthia Bauman on September 21, 2013
  47. A LEGO figure’s hair. Not the whole figure (which would make at least a little bit of sense). Just the hair.

    Comment by Robin @ Farewell, Stranger on September 21, 2013
  48. Okay. I HATE pants shopping and if someone can fi d me pants that fit … I’d be thrilled.
    Weirdest thing in my purse? That would be a a catalogue of bovine (bull) sperm options.

    Comment by Laural on September 22, 2013
  49. Since I have to pick just one random thing…I am going to go with the LITERALLY 1908s Barbie that found its way into my bag via Annabel. I have to send you a picture of her amazing 80s-ness.

    Comment by Heather on September 22, 2013
  50. A finger nail.
    You know when you’re somewhere and you rip a nail off but you don’t want to just throw it on their carpet…well I was at my doctors and it would’ve been awkward so I put it in my purse.
    You asked.

    Comment by Kimberly on September 22, 2013
  51. The most random thing in my bag would be a little heart-shaped hair clip with a butterfly on it — the kind toddlers with very little hair wear. I have no idea where this came from; my girl hasn’t been a toddler in a decade. I’ve never seen this thing before in my life.

    Comment by Tamara on September 22, 2013
  52. One of just many random things in my purse right now….half a bag of leftover popcorn from a downtown street event yesterday.

    Comment by Amy on September 22, 2013
  53. The first page of last years tax return. I needed Social Security Numbers for my kids and that was the easiest paper to get with the information I needed.

    Comment by Laura Lynn Williams on September 22, 2013
  54. a diaper

    Comment by chana on September 23, 2013
  55. A packet of prenatal tea. My baby is almost 8 months old.

    Comment by Daisy on September 23, 2013
  56. Swim Diaper

    Comment by Kaitlin P. on September 23, 2013
  57. I’ve got some (pretty) rocks at the bottom courtesy of my 7 year old daughter.

    Comment by Nicole on September 23, 2013
  58. The weirdest thing… packets of sugar. Which sometimes causes a mess, but not as big of a mess as ketchup. Trust me.


    Comment by Jenn on September 23, 2013
  59. The most random thing in my bag right now is a headlamp. The kind you wear camping. Hmmm…

    thanks for a chance to win!

    Comment by monstergirlee on September 23, 2013
  60. I have a large bottle of apple cider vinegar in it to take to my office in the am. HA

    Comment by ats on September 23, 2013
  61. Right now the most random thing in my bag is a handful of transformers parts, a few legs, a few car doors, a few shooters…almost enough to make a whole transformer!

    Comment by Jen on September 23, 2013
  62. as I lost my tape measure last week (I’m pretty sure I left it at IKEA), it would have to be a pair of my daughter’s socks. Clean, mind you, from back to school shoe shopping while she was wearing sandals.

    Comment by suze on September 23, 2013
  63. The weirdest thing at the moment are the pieces to a LEGO car. Which is weird since my kids couldn’t care less about LEGOs.

    Also, I have no pens. Can I borrow one?

    Comment by Meghan on September 23, 2013
  64. Definitely the Target receipt that must have been floating in around in there for at least three months, I don’t even live near a Target!

    Comment by Rylee on September 23, 2013
  65. Fruit snacks. Which are only random because I don’t use my bag for food transport.

    Comment by Jess on September 23, 2013
  66. Water. You never know when you’ll want it!

    Comment by Sarah on September 23, 2013
  67. Oh my gosh my purse is a black hole! The most random thing right now is a can of chili beans. I got it from my parents house to make some chili 3 days ago and I forgot about it.

    Comment by Melissa on September 23, 2013

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