August 8 06

there were about 7,000 pictures taken yesterday. and there were at least a couple of good ones. the uploading process is taking longer than expected because last night we hit a little bit of a hurdle.

we went over to Jack and Ilana’s so I could help Ilana with her basket fundraiser and so the husband could help Jack play FIFA on xbox. we weren’t there for more than 10 minutes when we get a panicked phone call from my mother.
“Isabella was crying. she was hysterical. so i took her out of her crib and then she threw up all over me. and i couldn’t get her to calm down so i went and gave her to Jhoanne. and now your daughter hates me.”
there are three major issues here.
a) she didn’t throw up. she’s sick and has a bad cold and because she was screaming she choked and spit up some phlegm. she didn’t “throw up all over her”
b) she WOKE up jhoanne. there were three grown adults in the house and not one of them know how to deal with a crying baby so they went downstairs and woke up my sleeping nanny, who was off duty. i can just die from this (how on earth did i make it out alive???!!!)
c) “your daughter hates me” – is she 12 years old? hates her? did she seriously say that?

while you ponder this…i’ll leave you with a super cute shot of Isabella post-attack.
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