September 18 06

Ah…my race is back. And my Phil is back with his eyebrow raising. And this season shall be dubbed, TAR: Tokens. We have the token Muslims, the Indians, the sob story (and sob I did when she freakin’ climbed that wall. Amazing), the gay couple, the father and daughter, the single mothers (oh, let’s make it even better…the black single mothers), the beauty queens, the models/somethings, the hillbillys, the couple that fights…hey where’s the old couple?  
~~I hearted that surprise elimination. I’m sooo very prepared to expect the unexpected. As long as they don’t bring back the family edition TAR.    
 ~~Tyler and James are Eric and Jeremy Lite    
~~who did you find more annoying….Tom and Terry or the cheerleaders?? And I must say, when Terry was yelling to Tom to “go straight” I snirked just a little bit.    
 ~~I already hate Erwin and Godwin. the water guns? At the airport? What exactly were they thinking?    
~~anyone counting the “baby”s? there sure were a lot of them.
~~I’m kind of disappointed at the first two philiminations. “Vipul of the People” – ha! Ah, Vipul and Arti will be missed.
~~I’d like to root for team fish-out-of-water, but the teeth? My god, the teeth, are too distracting. I did enjoy her line about people in China liking people from Alabama…she saw it on Forrest Gump. He.
~~what is this? A gross-food eating challenge and no one pukes? What the hell?
~~who doesn’t know what Thrifty is? Kimberly is dead to me. but I like the “What Would MacGyver Do?” t-shirt.          

  1. OMG I died at the “Great wall…of China” line. I think mrs. Fish-out-of-water (i don’t remember their names) is this season’s browbeaten wife. But at least she stands up for herself unlike Michelle (“You’re right, Lake, I AM a stupid bitch”).

    I was sad to see Vipul and Arti go, too. They seemed like one of the least annoying teams.

    Comment by Audrey on September 18, 2006
  2. Hey, I just wrote about TAR too! Very similar comments. So happy TAR is back!

    Comment by Jodi on September 18, 2006
  3. Ah, I love the Race, too! It seems like another good bunch of characters, and I’m already hating the Kimberly/Rob couple. I’m so psyched the fall season is back in full swing. Now tonight for my beloved “Wife Swap” — by the previews it looks like a great premiere!

    Comment by Kate on September 18, 2006
  4. […] But as I watched The Amazing Race 10 last night, and read a few posts around the blogosphere this morning, it seems TAR TEN is going for a diversity play also. One of my favorite bloggers on Reality TV (among other topics) had this to say this morning: And this season shall be dubbed, TAR: Tokens. We have the token Muslims, the Indians, the sob story (and sob I did when she freakin’ climbed that wall. Amazing), the gay couple, the father and daughter, the single mothers (oh, let’s make it even better…the black single mothers), the beauty queens, the models/somethings, the hillbillys, the couple that fights…hey where’s the old couple? […]

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  5. Ali, I adore TAR – but we are still waiting for the new series to come on (probably shortly, as we are generally a few weeks behind in Oz).

    I am still grinning over the last series where BJ & Tyler outwitted the Frat Boys ROFL.

    Come ‘on, Channel 7 – bring it on!!!

    Comment by Heidi on September 18, 2006
  6. Ali, I was disappointed to see Bilal & Sa’eed leave – I liked them. As for the cheerleaders – they are by FAR the most annoying – “Do Muslims believe in Buddha?…I dunno” – come ON people! As for Billy-Bob and his wife – GAK! I kinda like to watch them, though. I loved her line “I didn’t think he’d look at me ‘cuz I’m nothin’ special and he’s so good lookin'” As for the token fighting couple, well, gotta have them ’cause it makes the rest of us feel better about our relationships 😉

    Comment by Kath on September 19, 2006
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