Category: The Husband

The Scaffolding Situation

My husband is a great many things and there are many things that he is great at. I mean, he coached my son’s Bad News Bears-ish baseball team to a 14-0 championship win over the best team in the league this weekend. So, while he is qualified to do many…

How Howard Stern Has Ruined Things—In The Bedroom

These days, this is what it looks like when I go to bed at night. That, friends, is Howard Stern. My husband is obsessed. With America’s Got Talent. I, myself, have little-to-no desire to watch this show, save when someone shares an amazing 10-year-old soul singer’s audition or a ridiculously…


Fifteen years ago today I could not even legally drink. I was 19-years-old. I was young and in love. I was swept up in a very romantic story. I had little girl dreams of a white dress and then, of course, a white-picket fence. I didn’t care that we were…

That Time I Got to Be Kelly Ripa. A Valentino Tale.

On the 12th of this month I will be celebrating being the mama of 3 amazing, challenging, wonderful children. On the 17th of this month I will be celebrating 15 (!!) years of marriage. On the 22nd of this month I will be celebrating 35 (!!) years on this earth….

Drawing The Red Line Somewhere

Isabella to me: I lost a tooth and I have exactly four boyfriends. Valentine’s Day is my favorite. Kids, man. They really just enjoy the little things in life, eh? She just saw yesterday as a fun day to eat chocolate and exchange gifts, cards, candies, and have her very…

“Put ‘Em Up! Put ‘Em Up!”

I have this distinct fighting style. I absolutely despise that this is the way I fight. I cannot control it. It just is. And it’s basically the worst. Exhibit A: The Curious Case of the VISA Bill (Note: This particular fight may or may not have happened in real life….