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Fish-tery Solved, But We May Never Sleep Again

Last night we had a bit of a mystery on our hands. A fish-tery, if you will. (Credit where credit is due) I will admit I was a little exhausted from 6th grade meet-the-teacher night and was looking forward to crawling into bed early with a remote in my hand….

In Which I’m Not Only Medically Boring

*tap, tap, tap* Oh look, this thing is still on. It seems I took an accidental break from blogging, which then turned into a less-than-accidental break, but, well, building a business is proving to be the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever done. But here’s the actual truth….


“Mama! Oh my goodness! You are in the pool! I can’t even believe it. This is just…THE BEST.” My little girl will never know how my heart leapt from my chest at that very moment. This week I went to Target and bought a black and white tankini. My body…

(What Laptop?)

I’m sitting on one of the porches of my parents’ new house in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee. We are in the middle of a week-plus-long road trip from Toronto to Lexington,Virginia to Thompson’s Station back to Lexington, Virginia and then home. It’s before 9am, and I’m fighting with my new(ish) laptop…


Whoa. Hold it. We gotta take a boat? Yes, sir. To get to the other side of the bay. Nobody said anything about a boat. Is there a problem, sir? No, no problem. I’m just not that crazy about boats, that’s all. Jesus Christ, Kaffee, you’re in the Navy for…

Letting Go Of The Summer Mom Guilt

summer mom guilt (suhm-er mom gilt) noun 1. How Facebook and other social media sites make me feel from the end of June until the beginning of September. 2. Something I’m losing this year. My friends’ kids are doing amazing things this summer — they are going to the zoo, going to Canada’s…