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There’s No Time. There’s Never Any Time

On Father’s Day, I posted this on Facebook: We decided to take the family to see Wonder Woman and now everyone’s crying. And you guys, You Guys!, were all amazing. Because you assumed that everyone was crying at how good the movie was, how kick-ass Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman was….

I Can Always Pee On Monday, Right?

I literally have not exhaled in the 2 days since I’ve been back. For the first time ever, I decided to only work a little {instead of a whole heck of a lot} on my vacation. Which meant I got up before everyone else, and worked on photo edits, and…

Month Of Crimson Sunsets

So I sort of suspected that I was losing in the Ali VS October war when I sat down at the computer to write a mildly amusing {possibly only to me} post about how my husband and I grocery shop — how he navigates the aisles and how he buys…

Liz Lemon Definitely Eats Cereal For Dinner

Some days dinner is going to be cereal. Like, not even breakfast for dinner which typically includes pancakes or french toast or eggs or all three which I’m actually salivating thinking about because breakfast is delicious at any time of day. But seriously, sometimes the Martells have cereal for dinner….

Letting Go Of The Summer Mom Guilt

summer mom guilt (suhm-er mom gilt) noun 1. How Facebook and other social media sites make me feel from the end of June until the beginning of September. 2. Something I’m losing this year. My friends’ kids are doing amazing things this summer — they are going to the zoo, going to Canada’s…

The Laundress

I swear I live in a frat house. Sometimes I give myself parenting pats on the back. Sleep training? I was a ninja. The day my third and last child was able to wipe her own bottom without assistance? Good parenting day. Deciding that my children who are not Isabella…