August 4 14

Things I am currently afraid of:



Static on my television set

Infectious disease



Showering when I’m home alone

Gefilte fish

Are they rational? Irrational?

Should it matter?

People are afraid of lots of things. Heights. Spiders. Snakes. Public Speaking. The dentist. Flying. Dogs.

When a friend tells me that she’s afraid of dogs, I don’t try to give her statistics about how unlikely it is that she’ll get bitten by a dog.

When a friend tells me that she’s afraid of snakes, I don’t tell her how I’m a snake expert and that she’s got nothing to worry about.

When a friend tells me that she’s afraid of heights, I don’t call her ignorant.

When a friend uses humor to make a joke about her fear of the dentist, I laugh and move on. I’m thankful that I’m not afraid of the dentist, especially since I have to visit mine soon due to a pesky face-hurting TMJ situation.

I am afraid of Ebola. After all, it’s an infectious disease. I am also afraid of rabies, smallpox, leprosy…and gastroenteritis. I’m equal opportunity in this fear, really.

I use humor to make jokes about it.

Something on Facebook about the movie Outbreak. I made the comment, thought it was mostly funny, and went to my photoshoot. When my shoot was over a few hours later, my phone had exploded with response. “I guess I am funnier than I thought,” I said to myself. Only…no. That’s entirely not what happened.

Apparently, I am ignorant.

Apparently, being afraid of infectious disease means that I don’t have compassion for people who are suffering.

Apparently, I’m uneducated in how this disease spreads. I’m not heavily involved in the medical community, you guys, so therefore I don’t know anything.

Apparently, I’m a lot of things. Funny wasn’t one of them.

It’s interesting that the public should be able to decide what I should and shouldn’t fear. WHY DO YOU CARE? You didn’t think my comment was funny? That’s cool, I’m only accidentally funny. I’m not offended. You aren’t afraid of Ebola? Lucky you! I wish I wasn’t afraid of infectious disease. I’d have a much easier time touching door handles or sitting in doctor’s office waiting rooms or using public toilets. I’m jealous of you, actually.

I am sorry there are people suffering. So sorry. My heart breaks for them and their families. I have faith in our health care system and sincerely hope that our Atlanta doctors can do something to help.

But I will not apologize for having a fear. Or for using humor.

…I do wonder, though, how you feel about my fear of gefilte fish.

  1. You forgot waterspouts. :)


    ali replied on

    It would be a very long list if I had to list ALL of the things I’m afraid of…haaaaaa


    Comment by Kristabella on August 4, 2014
  2. Wow, what is wrong with people? Jeez, man. Ebola *is* something to worry about. Just because today it’s nice and contained in the USA doesn’t mean it will be forever! I’m scared of a lot of things. Crazy shit happens every day, everywhere. The statistics of dying in a plane crash are also low, but still? I hate flying, mostly. And with missing planes and planes being bombed down, I’d say that is a legit fear. But so is any other fear. Like when I accidentally eat glass, or step in spit when I have a cut on my toe and then I think I’ll get a disease and die.


    Comment by Loukia on August 4, 2014
  3. I would say I am not afraid of gifilte fish, but more fearful of the jelly it sits in..just saying..


    ali replied on

    gelatinous fish loaf….shudder.


    Abby replied on



    Comment by Abby on August 4, 2014
  4. You know I’m with you on this. And have waaaaaay too much free FB time on my hands.


    Comment by Katie on August 4, 2014
  5. Wow – Can’t believe people were all up in arms about your joke. I thought it was funny – but I didn’t comment. I sure should have. Shaking my head about these people!


    ali replied on

    I was shocked by the reaction. Shocked!


    Comment by nicole in sd on August 5, 2014

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