July 30 14

Once upon a time my son Josh used to play soccer.

He loved it.



Until he didn’t love it so much anymore.


Fine, we thought, because he has moved on to his next exciting activity — hockey.

He loved it. Until he didn’t love it so much anymore.

Fine, we thought, because he has moved on to his next exciting activity — football.

He loved it. Until he didn’t love it so much anymore.

Fine, we thought, because he has moved on to his next exciting activity — baseball.

You’re noticing a pattern with my son here, yes? (See also: swimming, karate, and basketball)

But baseball is here to stay. His passion. Finally. He likes to go to practice, instead of having to be dragged out. He likes to be on that field. He likes to be a part of a team. He has learned what it’s like to lose as a team, and to win as a team.

Mosquito league champs, 2013 baby!


This summer, though, my son who finally discovered team sports went and got himself a very individual seat on the bench — thanks to a recess-induced broken thumb.

Benched, for almost the entire season.

Poor kid has been so itchy to get back in the game.

But! Last week he graduated from occupational therapy. This week he got to throw the cast away. The boy is healed. He’s ready to get back out there. He started practice today for his team. He starts baseball camp on Tuesday.

“I think I might want to play soccer again too. And maybe football.”

Itching, for it all, it seems. 

The boy is back. With a vengeance. So here I am, unbenching my son. And looking into several other field sports for fall. I’m going to help him scratch that itch — with a smile and a camera, and probably some fall sweaters for cold nights.

And my cheers ready.



Do your kids play soccer? 

I am excited to have teamed up with BMO to let you know about a super fun contest.


BMO is on the hunt for the most spirited cheers across Canada!! 

They want to encourage youth soccer teams across the country to submit their most awesome, enthusiastic team cheer for a chance for your entire team—including all players and coaches—to win a trip to attend a Major League Soccer (MLS) game!

You can submit your team’s cheer video on BMOSoccer.com until September 27th, 2014. Amateur videographers are welcome, of course. In fact, submissions can be shot from smart phones or home video cameras and the focus is on team spirit, rather than elaborate production.

Youth soccer teams aged 7-12, from any level can enter their team’s cheer. Every person who enters will receive a BMO water bottle and special offer to open a BMO kids account. Over the duration of the program, up to 100 teams each week will be randomly selected to receive a $75 gift card to cover team expenses.

You can read the full rules and regulations here.


Good luck!



  1. My niece and nephew LOVE soccer. They didn’t always, but now they are really good! Noah plays on the middle school team and is on a club team too!

    Also, that first photo, WHO ARE THOSE BABIES?????


    ali replied on


    That’s awesome. I might put J back in soccer…will depend on the girls and their dance schedules. #overscheduled


    Comment by Kristabella on July 31, 2014

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