March 12 14

I was looking outside my window at the lovely snow falling on this lovely December day.


Oh wait. What’s that? It’s March 12th you say?

Needless to say, I’m feeling incredibly lucky that I work from home and even luckier that it’s March Break so my children and I can hibernate inside the house because there’s no chance you will catch me filling up my van’s desperately empty tank with gas. No ma’am. You see, filling up my gas tank sits rather high on the THINGS I TRY TO AVOID LIST.

things I avoid

See also:

People in the mall who want to curl and/or straighten my hair.

Putting away the folded laundry. Also: the clean dishes.

Drinking from my children’s cups.

7th grade math. Also: 6th grade math. Also: 3rd grade math.

Showering when I’m home alone. Also: dangling my legs over the side of my bed. Also: static on television screens. Also: saying the word Candyman out loud. Also: Swooping birds.

Answering my home phone because no, Boris the mover, I don’t need your help.

The kosher Sobeys parking lot. Also: school parking lots.

Cleaning out my DVR. Also: my car.

Any and all conversation about Minecraft.

Watching Jessie with Isabella.

Wiggling my children’s teeth.

Being in earshot when my children chew just about anything.

Taking my dog out in the middle of the night. See also: the garbage and recycling at any time of day.

Googling health symptoms (because it’s always a brain tumor.)

Pictures of food you are eating that I am not. Also: pictures of your feet. Also: Pictures of your injuries.




Baking the cookie dough. Also: the brownie batter.

Updating the Candy Crush app. (I haven’t played in 2014, you guys. This is basically the first New Year’s resolution I have ever followed through on.)

Calling government officials.

Saying no.

Twitter when Mad Men is on. See also: any other show that I don’t want spoiled.

Asking for help.

The circus.

Raisins. Also: foods that could possibly potentially have hidden raisins.

Low-sodium potato chips (blasphemy!)

Sharing food.

White pants.

Dancing in public.

Reply all.

Going down to the basement to “Just watch this awesome dance we choreographed.”

What do *you* avoid?

  1. Right now I would like to be avoiding work and be holed up with you guys!

    Fruit in food.
    Roller Coasters.
    My neighbors. Any of them.


    ali replied on



    Comment by Kristabella on March 12, 2014
  2. OMG – so many of these made me laugh… and relate…

    Mine: talking on the phone and making appointments (mostly because it requires talking on the phone)


    Comment by Jodi on March 12, 2014
  3. Gah, sorry I made you dance in public with me that one time, but at least I wasn’t dressed as a clown an chewing loudly in your ear :). Hoping all is well with you & yours!


    Comment by Dre on March 13, 2014

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