February 17 14

I know that the olympics tend to inspire people to get off of their heineys and get more active outdoors.

The summer games Olympic Pressured my son into conquering his fear of the water. No really, they did.

I feel like a lot of Canadians have been skating more, skiing more, snowboarding more these past few weeks. Heck, I think people are even curling more.




(Not a dramatic representation. This did actually happen once upon a time.)



(Or twice)

For me, though, I mean, I watch those men do those weird flying squirrel ski jumping and I worry about their extremities being cold. I watch those women skeleton down head first and I worry about their safety. I watch speed skating and wonder why there are no cups to be seen. I watch the bobsledding and wonder when in the heck the word became bobsleigh and not bobsled. I watch the pairs do their ice dancing and I stress about their twizzle stress.

More active? No thanks.


(Although I did stop in at my husband’s hockey game this week to drink beer watch him play. From the viewing gallery. In the warm bar. I’m still counting it.)

My 95-year-old lady circulation and I will happily sit and watch these games from the comfort of my couch. With a giant tea mug in hand. Under several blankets. Wearing flannel jammies. This is the part of the conversation where you turn away because you’re like, “Someone on the internet is talking about being cold OH THAT’S SO CUTE.” But seriously. I don’t even want to leave my house. I actually, in my head, try to figure out how long I can stay inside the confines of my home without having to go out in the freezing cold air.

I am just much more of an indoor kind of girl. It’s actually not quite as lazy as it sounds, really. And truth be told, I did clock many minutes on my bike this past summer. But it’s the truth—I will always choose indoors between November and April. Art galleries, museums, sporting events, bowling, aquariums, rollerskating. I’m your girl. Sign me right the heck up.

I really enjoy activities that don’t involve seeing your breath, not being able to feel your toes, and/or wearing mittens. I don’t want to have to google “what does frostbite look like” while I’m having fun. There’s exactly nothing fun about frostbite. 

You know what’s fun on sub-zero days?

Playing Pandemic. Going to see The Lego Movie. Learning new things about your camera. Baking something new with my kids. Figuring out how to use a sewing machine. Laughing with good friends.

Watching your daughter’s television debut.


And there’s not one snotsicle in sight. 


  1. Beyond awesome!


    Comment by Sharon on February 17, 2014
  2. I totally understand…Just exactly the opposite. I find any and all reasons to stay indoors from April til November.


    Comment by scarlet on February 18, 2014
  3. Amazing, go Emily!


    Comment by Krystal on February 25, 2014

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