July 29 13

Isabella sure is enjoying being an only child. Still.

Do you miss them now?


Do you miss them now?


Do you miss them NOW?


Oh yes.

We have done all kinds of things that she likes to do.

I’m saying yes much more often because you know what? It’s easier with one. So much easier with one. How did I ever complain about anything in those twenty short months when I only had one child? I have even watched Teen Beach Movie at least 14 times (READ: NOT AN EXAGGERATION) and I have even sung the songs and danced to them and discussed whether or not I’d want to be a surfer or a biker. “Oh, Mama would tell you she wants to be a biker because of Sons of Anarchy, but she really wants to be a surfer.” (Truth. This is 100% the truth.) We did puzzles that didn’t have corresponding pictures. We have listened to that Britney Spears Ooh La La song more times than I care to count on both of our fingers and toes. We have written jokes in our very own Diary of a Wimpy Kid book—Diary of a Part-Time Only?

I even watched Chimpanzee with her, even after she told me that chimpanzees eat monkeys which made me all kinds of uncomfortable in an Alive kind of way.

But I mean…STOP IT. This little baby Oscar—and my little baby Isabella—were just too much.

oscar the chimpanzee

I was overcome with emotion. READ: Doing the damn ugly cry.

It was really emotional, you guys. I mean, Oscar loses his Mama and falls into despair because he has no one’s back to ride and no one to check him for ticks and no one wanted to play with him and he was the saddest chimpanzee in the forest. Until he gets adopted by the unlikeliest of parents and I just lost it. Because, I MEAN.

Isabella shook her head in mortification, got up from her seat beside me on the couch, put a hand on each of my shoulders, rocked me back and forth and shouted


pull it together

(Dramatic Reenactment)

She’s so sweet, isn’t she?

When are Josh and Emily coming home?

  1. Sounds so familiar. Love having kiddos the same age as you and finding many things in common. All of my girlfriends are just beginning to have children or have preschoolers – so not much in common. You know? Anyways. LOVE. As always. XO


    Comment by OHmommy on July 29, 2013
  2. That was so awesome!


    Comment by Kristabella on July 29, 2013
  3. I cannot handle emotional movies about babies. Or animals. So that movie would probably have me in hysterics.


    Comment by Katie on July 29, 2013
  4. I’m about to dissolve into the ugly cry just LOOKING at that chimp.


    Comment by alyinponderland on July 29, 2013
  5. i think every kid should get to be an only for a week every year. lol!! i have THREE onlies! my kids are each 8 years apart. son, step-daughter, daughter, (mine, yours and ours) watching the dynamics of their relationships change over the last 17 years has been pretty darn cool. :)


    Comment by stephanie on July 30, 2013
  6. I have the best of all worlds – an “only” every other week, when my stepson is with his mother. One week with us, one with her. So my kids have siblings, I get 2 kids half the time and 1 child half the time, and they each get a week being the only child. Not ideal for everyone, but somehow it works for us.
    As for Oscar – at least you were at home doing the ugly cry. I was in the packed theatre, on opening weekend. So not pretty…


    Comment by Jackie on July 31, 2013

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