June 20 13

My son plays baseball several times a week. He’s number 1 on a team with maroon shirts, which is important because now you understand why my son is bummed that he wasn’t allowed to be number 5, and they are sponsored by Marble Slab Ice Cream, which is important because now you understand why I spent all last night craving ice cream and I don’t really even like ice cream. His daddy is the team coach which is adorable and good for Josh because he takes every mistake so personally and seriously and you should see how he reacts to each strike (spoiler alert: he is not pleased) so it’s good to have his father there to be all, “Dude, chill, it’s just a game.

Now that the girls’ dance season is over, our evenings have freed up a little bit, and since I’m now partaking in Project 18 Summers: Live ‘em, love ‘em, it only made sense to throw the sisters in the car and head to watch brother play baseball. Except the girls were not all that excited to watch the game, but it was mostly on account of the lack of bleachers¬†at this particular baseball field. Really? So, we headed to the nearby park.

The game looks really awesome from here. In China, basically.


When they got bored of smothering me and complaining about being too cold and then being too hot, they settled on high-stakes charades: the movie and television edition. I will tell you this. I love to play games, but I am possibly the very worst charades player of all-time. When it came to my turn and I was trying to act out The Little Mermaid, this is what happened.

Emily: You’re a seal?

Isabella: Ooh! PUBERTY!

Emily: What movie is this?

Isabella: PUBERTY!

Emily: Really, you look like a seal.

Me: I’m a MERMAID.


They did a much better job acting out Les Miserables and Mean Girls and Grease and High School Musical and Cake Boss while Isabella guessed exactly PUBERTY! for every single gesture. Who is this child and where did she come from?

Isabella stumped us twice.

The first was a television show.


Her: I’m a mermaid, obviously. Way better than *your* weird mermaid. Mama, you aren’t very good at charades.

Me: …


The second was another television show. She got flustered and started giving us hints.

Isabella: It’s TWO WORDS. The first starts with F…and then YOU. So F. You. F YOU!”

Me: Sorry, parents of all of the kids at this baseball game, we are just playing a very clean version of charades over here, I assure you.

Isabella: PUBERTY!

Me: …

Isabella: It’s Full House. Get it? F for Full and then U.

Me: Baseball is awesome. Where’s my ice cream?






  1. I wonder if people read these kinds of posts and are like “her kids aren’t really like this. She must fib”. But this is them in a nutshell, man. Amazing! Love them!



    ali replied on

    The funny this is that now that they read my posts, I couldn’t even embellish because they’d be all over me, all “I didn’t say that.”

    It’s true. These are my kids…no exaggerations necessary.


    Comment by Kristabella on June 20, 2013
  2. I suck at charades, too.


    Comment by Jen Wilson on June 20, 2013
  3. She is awesome!

    I should try charades w/my kids, they’re both so dramatic.


    ali replied on

    They loved it! I can’t believe how long it held their attention. Like, over 2 hours.


    Comment by monstergirlee on June 20, 2013
  4. I love charades but only after a few beverages. Also I would love to throat punch Joffrey.


    ali replied on

    He really is the worst, isn’t he?


    Comment by Sandy on June 20, 2013
  5. Puberty? AHAHAH. We play charades every time my son brings home a painting.
    They’re a mystery.
    I now know to answer puberty.


    Comment by Kimberly on June 21, 2013

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