September 10 12

When either one of those two front teeth falls out—or in our case, gets pulled out by Dr. Shane the Orthodontist/good friend to have around—all of a sudden said child becomes a different person, older somehow. I swear, every time I look at Isabella and see this giant gap in her smile, all I notice is that the very last wee bit of my baby is gone. Those two front baby teeth are so cute and chicklet-like and the new teeth that replace them are always uncomfortably too big for a child’s face—these touristy ADULT teeth, hanging out in my baby’s mouth.

All of this is to say that my second grader woke up on saturday morning with one more tooth than she went to bed with. She carefully placed her tooth in a ziploc bag—”so LouLou doesn’t lose it, Mama”—and left a note for her beloved fairy, asking, nay begging, to be able to keep this monumental rite of passage.

Why do kids want to keep teeth? Teeth, especially when sitting there in the palm of one’s hand, are kind of icky. 

Bright and early on Sunday morning, I had a very unhappy camper standing beside my bed.

“LouLou didn’t come.”

Oh shit. 

“Oh baby, maybe LouLou was sick.”

“Mama. Don’t you know anything. She’s A FAIRY. She does not get sick.”

“Well, maybe she had a cousin who was sick and she was way too busy sitting beside her in the hospital to come and deliver tooth gifts.”

“Fairies have fairy cousins. That’s how it works.”

“Well, maybe she went on vacation.”

“False. She doesn’t take vacations.”

Well, maybe she was up too late trying to finish season 3 of Breaking Bad and fell asleep.”

“What are you even talking about Mama?”

“Should we go out and buy you a pony today, baby?”

“I think that’s probably for the best. And after that, we’ll write LouLou a letter and make sure she’s okay…because I’m worried about her.”


In case you were wondering, LouLou seems to have bounced back just fine—and left a guilty pile of cash under Isabella’s pillow. And vows to never watch Breaking Bad on nights she has to work.

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  1. Ah – but did the tooth fairy forget two nights in a row!
    That was a bad guilty-fairy moment in our house!


    Comment by Sarah on September 10, 2012
  2. Been there, done that, remembered in time to sneak in there in the morning – and got busted doing the switch.

    Fortunately we made up some white lie or other, but I think my kid has us figured out (she just won’t admit it for fear of missing out on the cash!)


    Comment by kootnygirl on September 11, 2012
  3. Too funny.I wish I wasn’t such a light sleeper, the magic was broken way to early for me.


    Comment by Corey Feldman on September 11, 2012
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