September 5 12

This morning was tough, man. There was fighting, yelling, “I’m telling!”s, crying, whining. Oh getting back into a morning routine is so fun, isn’t it?

Yesterday on the walk home from school I absolutely could not get a word in edgewise—they needed to tell me about their teachers (“Mr. Lee is, by far, the coolest teacher I have ever had and Mama, get this, he is A MAN!”) and the friend Isabella recognized from camp and about Emily’s new locker (“6th grade locker! Oh yeah, baby!”). After getting two AMAZINGs and one PRETTY GOOD, I was feeling pretty happy and super relieved.

I worry about these three kids like it’s my job.

Oh wait.

The pouring rain on the first day of school turned yesterday morning into a bit of a gong show. Parents dropped their kids at the entrance to the gym and, well, just left. So, I didn’t get to see their teachers or size up the other kids in their classes. I just…left. It was a strange feeling, just leaving them there. This morning, though, I was able to hand-deliver each child to the appropriate drop-off point.

And it was at about that moment—looking out at a giant black-top schoolyard where a gaggle of kids all seemed to already know each other—where I was transported back to my first day of high school where I was in a strange building in a strange city with, well, strangers. Who will I eat lunch with? Who will I hang out with during my free periods? Will I like anyone? Will anyone like me? Am I wearing the right clothes?

I have seen Mean Girls too, you know.

No child of mine should ever have to eat lunch in a bathroom stall.

No child of anyone’s, actually.

I had enough anxiety this morning for all three of my children that my yoga pants felt like that pair of jeans that hides in the back of my closet, the ones I will never again fit into.

And then,

before I knew it, three adorable-looking girls (no Regina George in sight) came and grabbed Emily and ran off with her. I didn’t even get a good-bye from her, just a giant smile. “I got this, Mama.”

before I knew it, Josh was talking to two 5th grade boys and one gave him a friendly fist to the shoulder.

before I knew it, Isabella was standing her line with a little girl who was admiring her choice in cowboy boots—and then Isabella admired her cupcake shirt right back.

So now it seems that I’m the only one who needs to make some friends at school. 

  1. That sounds wonderful. On my son Joshua’s first day of Kindergarten, last week. We weren’t even allowed to take him to the school. We had to drop him off at the buss stop. I’m not a fan of school buses. But he is in a holding school until January while the rebuild his school, and they don’t want parents driving. Ugh!


    Comment by Corey Feldman on September 5, 2012
  2. That’s awesome. Obviously you’re raising some confident kids there. And remember, the new kids are a novelty in elementary school — everyone wants to know them.


    ali replied on

    That’s exactly what I told Emily—everyone wants to know the new kid!


    Comment by Tamara on September 5, 2012

    Hooray! I’m so glad!


    Comment by Kristabella on September 5, 2012
  4. So exciting! Emberly’s only in preschool and I’m still yearning for her to make friends in her class. However, I think all of the kids are still getting used to the whole school thing that they play next to one another instead of, you know, instigating friendships.
    Glad they’re the hit of the new school.


    Comment by Gamanda on September 5, 2012
  5. Hey Ali…is that a PBK lunch bag Emily is holding? Lol…ours are 2 years old..need new ones!


    Comment by Heidi on September 6, 2012
  6. [...] For me, growing up in Corpus Christi, and having up until my sophomore year of high school attended private school with the same classmates year after year, public school was an adjustment, one that I was eager but probably not quite prepared for. I took a non-Honors Spanish class and the kids in it were, shall we say, “less wholesome?” than my peers in AP. Around school they were referred to as the “ghetto kids”, and rumored to be involved with gangs, drugs, not great stuff. I was nervous going into my classroom the first few days, but I smiled at everyone, introduced myself, and decided that these were potential new friends. (*Supernanny Disclaimer*: Now, I’m not saying I want the kiddos to seek out a less wholesome crowd, to be sure, this is an experience unique to me that taught me something I hope to teach the kiddos. That being said, I’m glad I gave this group a fair shake, and I hope that the kiddos won’t dismiss certain people based on rumors or stereotypes.) That year I had experienced a fair –or unfair rather– amount of bullying at my new school from a few individuals there, one in particular, only made worse by the rumors preceding me, circulated by my then boyfriend, still at my old school. Not fun. At certain points it got so bad I resorted to spending anytime not in class in the girls’ bath… [...]

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