July 26 12

Lime Perrier. Because I am basically geriatric.

The hot summer weather. I love it. I will be sad next month when it starts to get cold again.

Beachy waves.

Orla Kiely bags.


Stripes. Yes. Still. 

My camera.

Ordering a tall frappucino in a grande cup.

Conversations with my sister.

The knot genie. Saved my relationship with my daughter.


Kettle corn. See also? Movie popcorn.

Middle Brother. I cannot even choose a favorite. They are just *that* good. Indie folk at its finest. Perfect work music. Perfect driving music.

Freshmint Tic Tacs.

Riding my bike.

Mexican food.

Chocolate buffalo on saturday mornings.

Gustavsberg Turtur Tea Cup

Turquoise & caicos Essie nail polish.

Bunk1.com. I know there has been come talk about how daily pictures of kids at overnight camp (or even day camp) are kind of bad. Personally, I love the photos. I sent my daughter to camp in WISCONSIN (as in, another country) and because of Canada Post I have only gotten one letter from her. I love being able to see what’s going on every day at camp. I love seeing little glimpses of the friends she is making, of the activities she is participating in. I am smart enough not to read into any of the photos—they are merely glimpses, they don’t tell the whole story. I cannot wait until she gets home and she can tell me all of her stories…but personally I LOVE seeing her smile every day. And dude, she is smiling BIG.

I Am Forbidden. The book I am reading and cannot put down. I had to give the boot to Please Look After Mom. I really wanted to like it and get into it, because I had heard such good things and because the story was super interesting to me. But it’s written in second person. I assume that it’s a translation…which probably works when it’s notEnglish, but in English, it reads way too much like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and it was making my brain hurt. This new book is much, much better.

My skype girls.

Coconut+vanilla scented anything.

1500-piece puzzles. Also known as: THERAPY.

This necklace:

Bones, season 6. Buffy, season 4. (I love Bones. I only sort of, kind of, maybe like Buffy. I’m still waiting for it to become the best show ever. But I’m in season 4 and I’m still not feeling it. I’m persevering, though. Because I hate being a quitter.)

Spicy hummus.

GapFit gFast capris.

1967 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 Duetto.

This Banana Republic Piqué sheath. It’s miiiiiine!

  1. It would be way too nerdy if we did a jigsaw puzzle at blogher wouldn’t it? I love jigsaw puzzles.


    ali replied on

    I seriously am obsessed. My dining room table has become the puzzle place. I am constantly working on one.


    Comment by Jen on July 26, 2012
  2. love lime perrier! my mother-in-law bought it by accident during passover. but i haven’t yet found it in the states.


    Kristabella replied on

    The lime La Croix is also good! And cheaper!


    ali replied on

    I don’t think we have La Croix in Canada…not sure. I don’t think I have ever seen it!


    Comment by adrienne on July 26, 2012
  3. I’m ready for this hot weather to go away. Well, not totally away, but more like today when it is like 87 and not 107.


    Comment by Kristabella on July 26, 2012
  4. I love seeing the photos you post of Em at camp. It makes me remember that when I send Morgan next week, she will love it. I know she will.


    Comment by Issa on July 26, 2012
  5. hehe puzzle?, I like that, and also the story of leaving your daughter grow up and leave to explore other places. =)


    Comment by rushu on July 28, 2012


    Comment by Charna on July 31, 2012

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