July 6 12

I love when I find little hand-written notes weaved into my work notebooks. From my Emily.

Betwixt tasks like “Build s’mores hub” and “Pregnancy blogger” and “Metro edits—today!” there are lovely messages that say “LUV U SO MUCH!” and “I miss your pretty face when you are off working” and “You are my best friend” and “hope you are having a fun day” with the i dotted with a heart, Stacey McGill style.

Even though try as I might I cannot get this girl to read a Baby-sitters Club book, even though I have a shelf of 132 books, plus 36 mysteries and 15 super specials, thanks to my childhood and ten years at Scholastic. No, she’s content to spend her time reading Lostpedia, trying to figure out what’s happening on LOST and reading InStyle magazine. She’s an almost-6th grader—we fight our battles around here. I’m just thankful that she agrees to wear tank tops underneath her crop tops (*shudder*) without storming off to her room, slamming her door, and screaming that I’m the worst mother in the world. So you can see why I’m not forcing her to read—tweenagers are ticking time bombs, man.

Ticking time bombs who always want to go to the mall. 

But the notes she leaves me?

Pieces of perfection right there.

They are seriously the best surprises.

I sit at my desk at work and think about how I wish I could be spending these sunny summer days with her, gossiping about boys and curling each other’s hair.

But in reality, I’m actually sitting at my desk working my nuts off, and stressing about all the last-minute things I need to do before I send my baby to ANOTHER COUNTRY to go to summer camp ON WEDNESDAY. Where do I buy her US stamps in Canada? Not stamps to send mail TO the US, but stamps for her to put on her envelopes to send mail FROM Wisconsin TO me in Canada. Where do I find plain white underwear that isn’t, like, Bubbie underwear? Where can I find her nice one-piece bathing suits that don’t look like she belongs on an olympic swimming team and don’t cost a fortune and are not NEON? Where does one even buy camp stationery? Where can I find her flannel pj pants in 105-degree heat? Does she really need rain boots?

How am I going to slip little hidden notes into her duffel bags so she, too, can get a few of those little surprises too, and know, in her heart, how much I miss her pretty face when she’s off having fun at summer camp?

And, you know, how I’m going to slip some Baby-sitters Club books into her bags…just in case?

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  1. I love notes but mine are ‘slightly’ different then yours. More like horrifying pictures of me and “don’t send the rice to school for lunch again because I don’t like it”.


    Comment by Sharon on July 6, 2012
  2. That is really so sweet. I have a similar note from my son that I keep on my computer screen. This may seem obvious but did you try the US Postal Service website? You may be able to buy stamps there? Also: Hanes has simple, plain white underwear… and I know I don’t need to tell you about Landsend for bathing suits. How long is summer camp? Do you need a hug?


    ali replied on

    Someone on facebook recommended usps. I’m going to try to see if they’ll let me order and send straight to her in camp. Fingers crossed.

    She won’t wear the hanes…they are too bubbie-ish for her. I think I found some at Gap. Fingers crossed again!


    Sandy replied on

    Children’s Place? http://thechildrensplace.ca/pr.....;from=1340 I am a google whore.


    Comment by Sandy on July 6, 2012
  3. I can’t believe she’s going to sleep away camp!


    Comment by Kristabella on July 6, 2012
  4. Clearly tidy note taking is genetic. Her printing looks just like yours. It’s a gift.


    ali replied on

    she is obsessed with her handwriting—it’s weird, actually.


    Comment by Tamara on July 6, 2012
  5. Call Camp Connection (Bathurst/Lawrence plaza) to see if they carry flannel pj bottoms in Emily’s size. Also, we had to get some US stamps for rsvp envelopes going to the States when I got married and were able to find a local Canada Post outlet which sold US stamps.

    Also, GOOD LUCK on the sleepover camp. I have no doubt that Emily will have a gaggle of best girlfriends within a day.


    Comment by Jen on July 6, 2012
  6. http://www.campstore.com/ Someone may have already reco’d this one…it’s a great place and not too pricey. Also, the same little strip mall has one of those underwear/hosiery type places that also has bathing suits and some other decent stuff…my kids take karate at that strip mall so I spend a lot of time wandering around it. Good luck!


    Comment by Kathy on July 6, 2012
  7. Wait, what? – you have nuts?


    Comment by Gav on July 7, 2012
  8. thanks allimartel per the article


    Comment by franceska its now online on July 9, 2012
  9. mabel’s labels (www.mabel.ca) does personalized stationary, no?


    Comment by Louise on July 9, 2012

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