December 1 11

Today I am going to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For the first time.

Last week there was a tweet. It was about things I had not ever done. Watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. Ridden a horse. Bought a lottery ticket. And eaten a PB&J.

There was shock. There were gasps.

And then this arrived.

People are always quick to tell you when people who work in PR get it wrong. I mean, just last week I was sharing a bad pitch with you. One that came in and said…”Good day, Ali. I was looking at your site xxxx, and I think it’s excellent.”

Oh really? You love my site xxx? Amazing! I’m super flattered. I work hard writing xxx. 

Seriously, though. I get a lot of bad pitches. I get a lot of copied and pasted emails that I know have been sent to 100 other Canadian mom bloggers. I get a lot of Dear Editor of Cheaper Then Therapys. I get a lot of DEAR AUTHORs. I get a lot of Dear Abigails. No really, I do. Here’s the thing, though. It’s really not hard to do right by bloggers. It just takes a little bit of thinking outside the box and a little bit more time and energy. I mean, I get that it’s easier to throw together a mass email and send it out to every blogger out there and hope that you get a few bites. But wouldn’t it be better to read a little bit more, dig a little bit deeper, develop relationships, pitch to people you love?

I can tell you right now—this was PR at its very best. Alana didn’t ask me for anything. She didn’t request that I pimp anything new about Kraft peanut butter on my site. She didn’t even send me a press release. Here’s what she did. She read my tweet; she sent this box to me. I haven’t been able to stop smiling. I have told at least 20 people about it. And here I am, writing about it today. Telling some more people about it. And you know why? BECAUSE I WANT TO.

You know what else I want to do?

I want to fill this book.

Because there are other things.

I’d like to learn to say hello in 50 languages.

I’d like to walk the red carpet at the Oscars with Emily.

I’d like to learn to use a sewing machine.

I’d like to ride an elephant.

I’d like to have a family portrait taken.

I’d like to rid the world of leggings-as-pants.

I’d like to see my ab muscles.

I’d like to own a really, really expensive pair of shoes.

I’d like to watch a meteor shower.

I’d like to have a feature story published in a magazine.

I’d like to learn to play golf.

I’d like to live in the same place as my sister. And my brother. And my other brother.

I’d like to spend a month dressed as Betty Draper.

I’d like to watch every Academy Award winning best picture.

I’d like to stand on the field at Lambeau Field.

I’d like to be in a flash mob. Thriller, obviously.

I’d like to play the piano again.

I’d like to live off the grid.

I’d like to take a religion class.

I’d like to learn web design.

One day I’d like to own an Alfa Romeo.

I’d like to see Auschwitz.

I’d like to sit on a jury.

I’d like to sleep in a castle.

I’d like to get a tattoo.

I’d like to own a perfect-fitting bra.

I’d like to recover my kitchen chairs.

I’d like to visit the Cotswolds in England.

I’d like to be a contestant on a game show.

I’d like to go back to school.

I’d like to attend a royal wedding.

I’d like to tan on Anguilla.

I’d like to watch turtles hatch.

I’d like to live in NYC.

I’d like to love running. Or even *like* running.

I’d like to be at both the Cannes and Sundance film festivals in the same year.

I’d like to attend the Groundhog Day ceremonies in Punxsutawney.

I’d like to drink Guinness in Ireland.

I’d like to make pasta from scratch.

I’d like to have a menu item named after me.

I’d like to learn to appreciate wine.

I’d like to see Italy.

Today, though?

Today I’m having a PB&J. 

  1. Enjoy your PB&J.
    And when you do get to Green Bay, we will totally take care of that Lambeau Field wish and get you on the field!


    Comment by Annie Y on December 1, 2011
  2. YAY! I really can’t believe you’ve never had a PB&J before! What was the reasoning behind it?

    PB&J sandwiches are very personal, just so you know. I like mine with LOTS of Jif (only) pb & strawberry preserves. My kids like more jelly (grape) and less pb. :)

    And I love your bucket list items!!


    ali replied on

    I’m just not really a fruit-mixed-with-things kind of person.

    I’m not really even big on fruit at all…but I’m willing to try it!


    Comment by pgoodness on December 1, 2011
  3. I will teach you to use a sewing machine.

    On my list is riding a horse and learning to surf. I’m hoping to do both this December, that is if I don’t chicken out first.


    Comment by Tamara on December 1, 2011
  4. I still shed a lone tear every time I see you say that you don’t like fruit. It saddens me so.

    But if you’re going to try and PB&J for the first time, I think strawberry jam is the way to go.

    Does this mean you’ve been eating PB & honey sandwiches all this time? Or have you not even had those? Because those are delicious as well.

    I’m very happy this person sent you this basket. And if you hate the PB&J, you can slather the PB on those ritz crackers and then dip the whole thing in melted chocolate. Those are my favorite treats to make at Christmas. Or, um, Hanukkah.

    One thing I want to put on my bucket list is to sing backup on an album with one or all of my three favorite bands.


    ali replied on

    Peanut butter and honey? I have never heard of this. EVER! I must explore…


    Carrisa replied on

    It will be life changing.


    Comment by Carrisa on December 1, 2011
  5. I am in awe regarding the PB&J, since I think it is in the food pyramid. Is it an American thing?

    I also like peanut butter and honey, peanut butter and banana and peanut butter and bacon. Yes, weird.

    I really want to know every detail of your thoughts as you try this amazing staple of my childhood.

    What in the world did your mom feed you for lunch?


    Comment by The Onion on December 1, 2011
  6. I cannot believe you’ve never had PB & J! I guess I should add it to the list of things I will eat fruit in. I love it! But only grape jelly. And that makes me weird, because I don’t think most people like grape jelly.

    Also, I can help with the Lambeau thing, if you ever need me to. I have been on the field, pre-renovation, and post. It’s pretty damn cool.


    Comment by Kristabella on December 1, 2011
  7. so….? how WAS it?!


    Comment by RaeAnn on December 1, 2011
  8. I really REALLY love grilled PB&J, just like a grilled cheese, but without the cheese. It makes it all gooey and delicious.

    I also really love PB & Nutella & Banana sandwiches. So amazing!

    (PB&Honey&Banana is also a fab combination…but with you not liking fruit perhaps that is a bit too “out there”?)



    Carrisa replied on

    Yes! I agree here. Grilled PB&J is amazing. I actually just put the peanut butter on the bread and toss it into a buttered skillet until it’s golden and then dip it in jam.


    heidikins replied on

    Um. Wow. Delicious. I’m so having this for dinner!!



    Comment by heidikins on December 1, 2011
  9. mmmm…crunchy PB, strawberry preserves oozing out the sides of two fresh slices of rye….nothing better…enjoy


    Comment by cooper on December 1, 2011
  10. I love these types of lists. It’s always interesting to see when I’ve done a few, want to do some others and would never want to do a couple. :)

    I hope you enjoy your PBJ. I’m a bit fan of them.


    Comment by Issa on December 1, 2011
  11. Peanut Butter and pickle. Sounds sick, tastes awesome. For real. Add some bacon if you want to get crazy… yum. I’m hungry.


    Comment by Amy on December 4, 2011
  12. Peanut butter and Honey
    PB & nutella
    PB and dill pickle
    PB and balonga
    I love all of the above!

    Also, nutella on Ritz is to die for!

    However, I’m not a huge fan of PB&J, I’ll go for honey almost every time if given a choice.

    So, how was it!


    monstergirlee replied on

    Oh, peanut butter and banana (saw that in a comment above) at the top of my list of PB and etc.


    Comment by monstergirlee on December 6, 2011
  13. The Cotswolds are beautiful! We went may long weekend 2010 with friends. Just beautiful. We walked across massive fields and stayed in a hamlet. Didn’t even know what a hamlet was! (less than 10 homes in the “area”). I hope you enjoyed your pb&j!


    Comment by Joelle Yavin on January 14, 2012

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