October 26 10

I Really Want Some Bacon Right Now. Only I Don’t Actually Eat Bacon Because I am Jewish So I Have To Eat Turkey Bacon. Or that kind of shitty fake-in stuff that really only just smells like bacon but kind of tastes like cardboard, unless, of course, you put it inside of a sandwich and then it’s eatable. Or edible.

Either way, click over here to win a $100 VISA gift card.

I know you won’t, though, because some people are hesitant to click over and even more hesitant to enter contests. Why is that, I wonder. Even when I email my actual real life friends and tell them that there’s a super great contest that they should enter and all they have to do is leave a comment…THEY STILL DON’T.


I dare you.

  1. If you burn thin strips of tofu in margarine it tastes just like bacon. As someone who had plenty of experience with bacon before going vegetarian and then making the accidental burned tofu discovery, I promise you this is fact.


    Comment by Lorna on October 26, 2010

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