May 18 10

Most people are really good at telling you what they are, well, not-so-good at. It’s really easy for me to tell you that when I sing, birds explode. I will most willingly tell you that you don’t ever want to see me dance. I waste money at Target! Sometimes I’m lazy! I have no bloody clue what I’m doing behind a camera! See? It’s easy! What most people have a tougher time doing is telling you what they are REALLY good at. I’m not exactly sure why this is, because I’m here today to tell you about one of mine. Hey, you know what I’m super awesome at? Quitting things! No, really. I really really am.

I once joined a gym a quit after a few months because I was pregnant. I once joined and quit after a few months because I didn’t have time. I once joined and quit because having your gym inside of your mall is super dangerous for your wallet.

I once started the 30-day Shred and quit after day 8.

I once – every nine months or so – vowed to be the world’s BEST FLOSSER EVER, and then I quit that.

I once trained for a half-marathon and then quit three-quarters of the way through because I busted up my ankle, my knees were burning, and I decided that I HATED running.

I once said that I’d stop watching Gossip Girl and embarrassingly I quit that because there I was last night, shaking my head at how the show is even more ridiculous than Jenny Humphrey’s weave.

I once said I was going to take a picture every day for a year because I want to learn how to use my camera  and yet I haven’t taken a single picture for it in May, so it’ll probably take me two three years to complete the entire 365.

I once wanted to learn to golf, and I quit that after the first lesson.

I once went on the South Beach diet. Twice. And I quit both times after two weeks because I didn’t lose a single pound. And because I had a hankering for cupcakes.

I once went on a no-dessert diet to lose some extra pounds for the beach and I quit that after a month because I had kinda sorta reached my goal weight. And because I had a hankering for cupcakes.

I once, just this past week, vowed that I was going to finally make it through The English Patient, which continues to haunt me as the only book I haven’t been able to make it through cover-to-cover. Guess what’s currently staring at me in the face? Oh yes it is. Because I quit that too.

I should probably take up smoking just so I can show you how awesome I’d be at quitting.

  1. Before you leave Georgia, you really should take up meth. There are thousands of residents OTP who need you to show them how to quit.


    Comment by muskrat on May 18, 2010
  2. I quit Jesus.

    Not THE Jesus, a guy named Jesus.

    OK, also THE Jesus.


    Comment by Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] on May 18, 2010
  3. Did you draw that pic! Love it. At least you didn’t quit blogging! :)
    .-= NaomiJesson´s last blog ..And It’s Over. =-.


    Comment by NaomiJesson on May 18, 2010
  4. As long as you don’t quit cupcakes, we’ll be just fine.


    Comment by Prof. J on May 18, 2010
  5. I’m really good at drinking.

    I started Couch to 5k and quit after day 2. But I do plan to pick it back up again. Maybe.


    Comment by Kristabella on May 18, 2010
  6. you forgot quitting being a lamaze toy lady after buying in to $500 worth of toys and not selling any :)
    .-= Giblet´s last blog ..Whiskey-Glazed Chicken Drumettes with Tennessee Dipping Sauce =-.


    Comment by Giblet on May 18, 2010
  7. “I should probably take up smoking just so I can show you how awesome I’d be at quitting.”

    Funniest. Thing. Ever.


    Comment by Amanda on May 18, 2010
  8. I’m really good at rationalizing the most ridiculous things.


    Comment by Jen on May 18, 2010
  9. I SUCK at quitting. Maybe you could teach me?


    Comment by Angella on May 18, 2010
  10. These things you quit seem like good things. Maybe you’re just blessed with good decision making!


    Comment by Avitable on May 18, 2010
  11. I think Avitable’s on to something. Maybe you didn’t quit so much as you were done.


    Comment by Tamara on May 18, 2010
  12. Wow that’s amazing. And Jenny Humphreys weave IS ridiculous.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Things I would recommend… not because I’m being bribed, but because I think these things rock. =-.


    Comment by Katie on May 18, 2010
  13. I just quit something new yesterday. YAY QUITTING.


    Comment by slynnro on May 18, 2010
  14. ‘They’ (they being the HR team at my work, but they also refer to ‘buckets’ when the term ‘category’ would do just fine, so..) say that it takes 2 weeks to build a habit…maybe you were almost there with the Shred?! And I agree with Avitable, perhaps some things were just not working out for you. Just don’t quit cupcakes and you will be fine!


    Comment by Jen on May 18, 2010
  15. Your post is an excellent lead-in to one of my favorite achievements (and the only way that I am genetically superior to other human persons)… I cannot become addicted to smoking. CANNOT. I have actively tried three times in my life. Two of those times I’ve smoked 1/2 a pack or more a day for six months or longer. And then… one day… for whatever reason… I just… stop. No cravings. No grumpiness. It’s as if I NEVER STARTED.

    If only it worked that way with carbs.


    Comment by Kate on May 18, 2010

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