Monthly Archives: April 2009

the guitar-toting, toothless nun.

It took forever for Miss Emily to lose teeth. She was six before the first one fell out. and then she became the sharkgirl, growing new teeth in underneath her old teeth. in the last little while, she has gone on a tooth-losing rampage, earning herself about $80 in cash….

It all started with a tweet.

and then, before I knew it, I was on my way to Indiana to March for Maddie with two lovely lovely ladies, and a handsome little 11-month-old man. We hit up Target, of course, and had the pleasure of some random woman in the bathroom tell us about her awesome…

in the future reference files

please note. this is for future reference when they are whining and crying and when there is so much drama. and for when they are asking for the car. and going on dates. and moving out. and going to college.  and getting married. and having dancers of their own.

The one where she realizes she needs to give up something…like sleeping. sleeping is overrated, though, right?

Spotted: a homeless man on a bicycle parked at the end of my driveway. he was rifling through my recycling bins. and this, friends, is how my 87th started-but-never-to-be-finished novel was born. because that’s how it is with me; it’s how it has always been. I am somewhere unimportant, doing…

what’s going on. could also be titled: clearly, your life is more interesting than mine

I’m drinking my free coffee from McDonald’s. and later I will be taking my mug to Starbucks to get another free coffee. (viva la earth day!) I went to the jeans store with the intent to buy a pair of William Rasts and came out with two pairs of 7s….

well, they DO have a sense of humor at least

This is a Rubbermaid Take-Along: As part of my plan to get fit and get healthy (and run a half marathon!), i promised myself and my body that i would pack a lunch every single day. now, this is NOT an easy task. NOT EASY. I have, however, learned what…