March 5 09

this morning i sat in the Tim Horton’s drive-thru (hoping to win my 5th free coffee..i mean, i would be okay winning the Venza, but i’m just happy with the free coffees seeing as how it’s about 4 more coffees than i won last year..) behind a car with vanity plates that said…get this…SWEATY. i swear to god. SWEATY.

what? really? sweaty? either it’s someone who is ESL and thought she was spelling sweety…or it’s very scary Olga the trainer. because last night? dude. i was SWEATY. working out with a trainer is WAY different than working out on your own. They make you do shit that makes you cry.


(in my defense, i only cried once. okay, maybe twice)

but, there were many balls used to help my core…which, surprisingly, Olga said was GREAT. thanks, Mari Winsor and your effing V-sit position. but, Mari never made me use a giant medicine ball while in the v-sit. Ouch, Olga. also, hi! i’m new to the treadmill but i like to set it on, um 3.7. Olga likes to make me run in intervals of 3.7 AND 6.5. WHAT? who does she think i am? a runner? i get winded about 30 seconds of running.

i hate you Tyra Banks for making a fool out of yourself in your Caesar’s Palace themed season of ANTM…my abs are cursing you out this morning. GODDESS OF FIERCE? more like, um, goddess of cheese (mmm..cheese) i love me some Freckle Fo…but is there something wrong with me that i thought she was Asian? when she said she was, um, blaxican? is that what she said? i was all, what?


also…there’s only so much longer i’ll be able to look at Celia Martha Plimpton. for serious.

also? can we talk about olives for a moment? the smell of olives? VOMIT.

also? last night Josh tells me “mommy, i’m SO off of the blondies right now” he means girls with blond hair…not the delicious bars i bake for him. (again. ABS? OUCH) he’s six. and apparently, into dark-haired girls. and then he asked to cuddle with me and watch High School Musical. he didn’t need to tell me which girl was his favorite. (also? my son has never asked to watch anything that wasn’t Star Wars or Indiana Jones or Superhero or Pokemon related) when did he discover girls?

  1. Yeah, my trainer is all about making me work for it. I love him for that, too. We did abs and legs yesterday, so everything below my bra strap HURTS.

    And I *am* a runner (or was – I’m taking an extended hiatus after the marathon), and I don’t like doing 6.5 intervals all that much, either.

    As for Tyra – I missed her last night, but I’m sure that it was nothing if not dragalicious.


    Comment by Darcey on March 5, 2009
  2. I have a one hour session coming with a trainer for joining LA Fitness. I’m a bit scared – but also can’t wait.

    I’ve decided not to watch the 12th season of ANTM. I have watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE since it started – seriously. But the last few seasons its been a chore to get them all watched in time, so I decided I really don’t care. I’ll go to the gym instead. (I’m sure I’ll have withdrawls soon…)

    monstergirlees last blog post..Toys Arranged


    Comment by monstergirlee on March 5, 2009
  3. Ugh, that reminds me I have to go to the gym this morning; I don’t like doing this, not when I’m about to work a seven to eight hour shift at work.

    A late one at that, since I’m an evening/closing lead.

    And your son may just be being more open about having discovered girls is all – I discovered boys at five (and was wrangling for a kiss, I kid you not).


    Comment by Maryann on March 5, 2009
  4. i know LOST was so awesome last night and ben WTF?


    Comment by LAVENDULA on March 5, 2009
  5. So, the only mention of Lost is in the title?

    Is this some new click-through generating strategy?


    Comment by SciFi Dad on March 5, 2009
  6. 6 and into girls!!! Oh Man, I am glad my guy is a late bloomer. Either that or he is hiding something.


    Comment by Chantal on March 5, 2009
  7. what about the freaky mousy girl who loves blood? tyra – i used to have nose bleeds all the time. mouse: JEALOUS!!! what a weirdo!!!


    Comment by adina on March 5, 2009
  8. My son likes to watch iCarly. I know its for that little blonde one.

    Little skanks.

    (PS – I totally dig that show. Sigh)

    Misss last blog post..Kid-isms Part 2


    Comment by Miss on March 5, 2009
  9. My abs are exhausted just reading about this.


    Comment by Heather, Queen of Shake Shake on March 5, 2009
  10. My personal trainer is my husband… unfortunately when he tries to boss me around I generally tell him to GET.LOST. haha, so that doesn’t work too well… HOWever, I’m in my fourth week of exercising and eating well, and my ellipticle and I are almost on friendly-like terms.

    I too watched ANTM last night, and umm… Tyra is weirding me out. I guess when you are famous you can get away with all that… crazy cheese (mmm cheese…hehe)… but seriously, I’m embarrassed for her. Also, Celia? EEEEGGGHHH – blech. OOOGLY.

    Well, apparently I don’t need to blog today at my website, because y’know, I’ve pretty much just yammered on here.

    Oh, P.S. your kid = adorable.

    Katies last blog post..Drumroll please…


    Comment by Katie on March 5, 2009
  11. One-handed typing here… My trainer SUCKED. she just talked to me while I did the machines…. For 6 weeks. Same thing every time, only different gossip. waste of $$. Sounds like u have a good one.

    Also? Josh? Awwwww! that’s SO cute!

    Tell me ANTM re-airs Sunday!? I didnt know it was on. Bum-mer!


    Comment by Haley-O on March 5, 2009
  12. Oh man. I hate trainers. It’s like basketball pre-season all over again. Although, perhaps that’s what I need to get into shape. Good for you!


    Comment by Kaleigha on March 5, 2009
  13. She did indeed say she was a blaxican.


    Comment by mamatulip on March 5, 2009
  14. My Wii Fit trainer told me I was 33 today. I think it’s because I told her she had a nice bum.


    Comment by Captain Dumbass on March 5, 2009
  15. how the eff did i miss the first episode of antm?

    kgirls last blog post..Monday Morning


    Comment by kgirl on March 5, 2009
  16. Graham saw a cute girl on TV recently. And I quote: “She’s totally hot”

    WTH? HE’S SIX.

    (We better not ever put those two together. TROUBLE)

    Angellas last blog post..Mad At Dad?


    Comment by Angella on March 5, 2009
  17. I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard when Tyra started into her (crazy) “I am a tired goddess” charade. And then I totally paused the DVR to be able to directly quote Celia (and the crazy nose-bleed loving girl) for my post today.

    I just cannot help how much I love ANTM. It’s pure awesome.


    Comment by Kerri Anne on March 5, 2009
  18. I was going through my yearbook the other night and, I kid you not, I realized that I had written “Sweaty” above my boyfriend’s name. I wonder how many other people’s yearbooks I wrote that in. LOL


    Comment by Chris on March 5, 2009
  19. This post left me wanting to eat a blondie and watch my taped ANTM for the cheese. Also: hungry.

    And best Ontario license plate I’ve seen: BALDEEP – oh yes, and I have photos to prove it.


    Comment by katie ~ motherbumper on March 5, 2009
  20. How about the “I am looking for someone to light my chariot on fire!”

    What is WRONG with her???


    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on March 5, 2009
  21. Sean will never live down the card he signed “Love you sweatypie” before we were married.

    Christines last blog post..Confirmed: I need a life.


    Comment by Christine on March 5, 2009
  22. Olga! Just…Olga! There is no better name for a trainer.

    Mooses last blog post..This Is What Happens When I Tell Myself I’m Going To Write Everyday: A Treatise on Girl Scout Cookies


    Comment by Moose on March 5, 2009
  23. OMG. LOST! Someone asked me if last nights episode was good and my reply was “If you think that the “good” means banging your head against a wall muttering “what THE HELL?!” then YES, it was.”)

    I have decided that the writers of that show must be perpetually pregnant because their plot lines make about as much sense as my emotional state.


    Comment by Loralee on March 5, 2009
  24. personal trainers are evil – i will never put myself through that pain! haha. you go girl!

    and lol @ josh… you’re in for some fun now ;)


    Comment by Bronnie on March 5, 2009
  25. I love olives. I even love them despite the fact that one time I ate so many I spent a night puking them back up. Nice visual for you, right?


    Comment by regan on March 6, 2009
  26. Ah ha! That is why my 7 year old has been saying Blaxican! I am Mexican and she has been saying that lately. That makes soo much more sense now!

    P.S. – Personal trainers make me cry.


    Comment by WickedStepMom on March 6, 2009
  27. OMG, the randomness! :) You had me laughing, crying, yelling *YEAH* in angry agreement, and wondering Lost? I was like, hello? schizophrenic?


    Comment by Nenette on March 6, 2009
  28. whoa, I was implying that *I* was the schizophrenic… not you… me. good heavens, I need a nap.


    Comment by Nenette on March 6, 2009
  29. Oh, I liked Fo, but you’re totally right. I didn’t expect blaxican. Which just looks wrong typed out. I liked Celia, actually. She was cute.


    Comment by Courtney on March 8, 2009
  30. Now I want cheese.

    Also, I was worried you were going to have Lost spoilers because I have yet to watch last week’s episode!

    Kristabellas last blog post..Flying the Friendly Skies


    Comment by Kristabella on March 9, 2009

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