December 5 08

well, the stomach flu worked its way through the husband and now the nanny has fallen (pray for me. please) so, i’m being FORCED to have a work-at-home day. which for me, in all honesty, is always MORE productive than when i’m in the office. i know, right? the opportunity to work in my bed, with my laptop, with never-ending cabinets filled with post-halloween Reese Cups, with my 30 Rock on, in my PAJAMAS. (hello, flannel VS…i love you) you would think i’ve be completely NOT productive. but ALAS! i’m super productive! invoices coded! research on possible Nancy Drew-ish book for grade 7 done! advertising unit pitch done! and it’s not even 11! which totally gives me the right to raid the treat cabinet

only i’m trying to lose 7 pounds before Chrismukah so i can feel less guilty about the 7 pounds i’m going to GAIN while chowing down on pumpkin pie and red velvet cake and homemade Reese Cups.


so sadly, no treat cabinet for me. viva la celery!

so, i took Miss Emily downtown to see The Sound of Music last night. Her very first REAL play. she was all nonchalant and cool about the whole thing. “sure, mom, if you want to go. i’m mildly interested” (do i need to remind her that she’s SEVEN and not THIRTEEN?!?!) but as we walked up from the parking lot and she saw the marquee, the giddiness sunk in and she was all! happy! and excited! and ALL exclamation points! She sat and watched in awe. she held my hand. she sang along. and i cried like a freakin’ baby. watching her joy in watching her first movie come alive on the stage…just KILLED me.

so, i’m reading Blindness (Thanks, Naomi!), which i am totally loving.

i have this bizarre fascination with infectious diseases. i swear. it’s really weird. i mean the movie Outbreak? i’ve seen, probably, 85 times. and don’t get me started on all the disease books i’ve read. i’m a sick, sick person. but Blindness takes a twist on the infectious disease…it’s about an outbreak of BLINDNESS. AWESOME. but, i’m hesitant to finish it because i’m got nothing lined up. Give me some book recommendations. and please don’t say Twilight because, OF COURSE, i’ve read them. MMM…Edward…

hello, boyfriend!

so, my nanny is taking driver’s ed, which i find both adorable and hilarious. she gets picked up by this random dude for her behind-the-wheel cruise around the neighborhood, and i cannot help but remember my days as a 15-year-old little punk doing my forced hours in a giant ford crown victoria taking the advice of a driver’s ed teacher who spoke no English and seemed to be both heavy on his passenger side brake pedal AND the booze. and the best advice he ever gave me was to take my at the easiest place in the city. and he was right!!! on my 16th birthday i marched into the DMV, took exactly 4 left turns, turned off the engine, and got my picture taken. i WAS Corey Haim in License to DRive. oh, yeah!

*so, i can’t take any credit for Tracey Jordan’s brilliance.

  1. I can’t tell what exactly is in that picture. What treat is on that counter…but I want like 15 of them right now!

    I’ll have to read that book, I have a thing for diseases too. Also books where there is like an outbreak of something and almost everyone dies. I might need therapy for this, but whatever. It’s not my fault they make books like this.

    Issas last blog post..A small glimps of the woman she will become


    Comment by Issa on December 5, 2008
  2. but how can you work from bed if the nanny is sick and Bella is on the loose? I can’t even be in bed when my 7 yr old is awake .. they want so much attention. And forget working at home if he is home sick. Impossible. So Emily was captivated the whole 2.5 hrs .. and not tired? I took Scott to a local (yet very good) Annie musical and he fell asleep half way thru. Granted, he was 5 at the time, and there IS alot of talking in that darned musical! (you’re making me drool with that picture of your mom’s kitchen .. ah the granite!! oh .. and the reese’s look good too ha ha ha ha ha)


    Comment by Sarah on December 5, 2008
  3. mmm those treats look good!did you make those? if i left treats cooling on my counter my children would scarf them all down hahaha!glad emily enjoyed herself.have a great work at home day


    Comment by LAVENDULA on December 5, 2008
  4. Book Recs: Well, I already told you about the Southern Vampire series, which you MUST read if we’re to stay friends…eight books of amazingness right there. Sadly, I borrowed them, otherwise I’d send them to you. Others that I’m sure you probably have read (I mean you do work in the industry!), but that I’ve read in the past couple years and are amazing are…The Glass Castle, Empire Falls, House of San and Fog, Seabiscuit, the Big Stone Gap series, Princess Bride (better than the movie even!), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Water for Elephants, the Zahir…

    I’m about to read Gods in Alabama and am finishing up the Time Traveler’s Wife…if you haven’t read those, let me know and I’ll pop them in the mail!

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..Thank GOD the 90’s Aren’t Making a Comeback Anytime Soon


    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on December 5, 2008
  5. I’m always more productive when I work from home too.

    Also, I am in love with Robert Pattinson. I’ve seen some interviews of him and he’s so cute and funny and can charm the pants off you. SWOON

    I’m currently reading “Night of the Gun” by David Carr. He writes for the NY Times. It’s a story of his battle with addiction and of all these interviews he conducted once he got sober. I CAN’T put it down.

    Kristabellas last blog post..At My Old Job


    Comment by Kristabella on December 5, 2008
  6. Ah, Heather Graham. I loved her before I even knew I loved her. And I think your kitchen is roughly the size of my house. Lot included. But I’m not bitter.

    Oh, books and infectious diseases? Try World War Z. It follows survivors of a zombie pandemic. So not as cheesy as it sounds.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Friday Pics: All. My. Friends, Know A Low Rider


    Comment by Captain Dumbass on December 5, 2008
  7. I never realized this before, but your Edward of Twilight is in fact Cedric Diggory of Harry Potter. CRAZY! And he IS cute.

    Kaleighas last blog post..Taylor’s Dark Day…


    Comment by Kaleigha on December 5, 2008
  8. My favorite line from last night’s 30 Rock was “I want to go to there.” I am so using that from now on.

    Do you watch Gossip Girl? If so, have you read any of the books? They are pretty good. Trashy, fluffy, teen-y.

    Or, if you’re like mature and stuff, you could try In the Woods by Tara French. oh, or Stiff by Mary Roach. Both recent reads for me and both good.

    regans last blog post..overly excited by the little things


    Comment by regan on December 5, 2008
  9. The peanut butter cups! I remember hassling you for the recipe last year. Must. Make. Them. Again.

    Angellas last blog post..Bodies In Motivation


    Comment by Angella on December 5, 2008
  10. Whose kitchen is that because it is the size of my apartment?

    slynnros last blog post..Assorted Tales Friday (Because I Have Been Told My Bullet Points Are Too Long For Bullet Points)


    Comment by slynnro on December 5, 2008
  11. I totally, TOTALLY need the recipe for those Reese cups! Please?!

    My fave part from last night’s 30 Rock was when Tracy’s bodyguard said he had to go to the opthamologist and Tracy told him “making up words” wasn’t going to help his case.

    HouseofJuless last blog post..And the award goes to…


    Comment by HouseofJules on December 5, 2008
  12. Those treats look yummy!


    Comment by Ashley on December 5, 2008
  13. I work better from home too. Actually, I work WAY better from home. The treats on the counter sure look yummy. Have you read the Secret Life of Bees? It’s one of my favs and I just heard they’re working on the movie now.

    Kalles last blog post..Matchy Matchy


    Comment by Kalle on December 5, 2008
  14. I want to lose like 15 pounds by Dec. 23rd – not because of the guilt, but because that’s when we go back home.

    And I’ll be damned if I go home fat.

    I wonder if it’s too late to schedule surgery…

    Miss Britts last blog post..Because Edward Cullen Would Kick Nintendo’s Ass In A Fight


    Comment by Miss Britt on December 5, 2008
  15. I wish we were friends just so I could try those homemade treats…I am way too busy (lazy) to make them myself. Also, have never had red velvet cake but it looks interesting – what does it taste like?


    Comment by Maria on December 5, 2008
  16. Twilight was really amazing – I was impressed with Pattinson’s Edward. He was good, really good – and you know, hot.

    But that aside, book recommendations. Hmm.

    House of Night books – right now there are four, and I really like ‘em. Yes, they’re very campy and the website is jsut horribly awful (I mean seriously, a WHITE background for a sight for a series called ‘House of Night” COME ON PEOPLE)

    The Secret Life of Bees – the movie is also way excellent

    ANYTHING Philippa Gregory – I wish I had a copy of “The Other Boleyn Girl” that wasnt’ all movie’d up, but have also read one or two mroe of the “Henry VIII” books. OKa,y maybe just one.

    The Alchemist’s Daughter – iut’s so toughing, it really is; quite abrupt at times but very, very good.

    The Blood Books – by Tanya Huff, also called, I believe, THe Victory Nelson Series, surrounding a female private eye who gets dragged into the supernatural a bit after witnessing a murder. She also turns into a vampire, or rather IS turned into one

    That’s all I can think of right now.


    Comment by Mari on December 5, 2008
  17. I popped over to recommend Philippa Gregory and see that Mari beat me to it. I finished reading The Queen’s Fool and have moved on to The Other Boleyn Girl (almost done). I love them both and have a few more of her books in my book bag ready to read!

    Lilseeds last blog post..Kittie Dinner


    Comment by Lilseed on December 5, 2008
  18. Have you seen Blindness? I thought it was pretty good – I didn’t know there was a book. I’ll have to check it out. :)

    Marias last blog post..Three Important Things


    Comment by Maria on December 5, 2008
  19. The Glass Castle is worth a read…Especially for those of us who have some..ahem..feelings about our parents..
    Lullabies For Little Criminals (it’s about a 12 yr old girl raised by her teen/drug addicted father) is also well worth it…
    I NEED that recipe for the Reese Cups??


    Comment by suzanne on December 6, 2008
  20. I’ve lost 7 pounds since Thanksgiving.

    Since just after dinner on Thanksgiving. When I ate 4 lbs of turkey, 2 lbs of stuffing, and 3 slices of pie/cake.

    Backpacking Dads last blog post..Buy This Vacuum


    Comment by Backpacking Dad on December 6, 2008
  21. sorry – I haven’t nothing to say because I got stuck just staring at MY boyfriend (I’ll meet you behind the school after 3pm and we can duke it out then – RAWR)


    Comment by katie ~ motherbumper on December 6, 2008
  22. Ok – true story. (and kind of random – tho I do agree that Kenneth’s lines were much funnier)

    Christmas party at work today. So I bought a huge thing of creme puffs from Costco, and a 5 lb bag of frozen strawberries, but since I bought them on my lunch hour at work, I stashed them in the freezer until I went home. I was going to make a strawberry sauce and a chocolate sauce to drizzle on them for a dessert for the party.
    SOMEONE STOLE THEM! seriously WTF?!?!?!?

    btw – those look like carmel apples – are they peanut butter cups? whatever they are they look fabulously yummmm…

    monstergirlees last blog post..Ponytails At The Park


    Comment by monstergirlee on December 6, 2008
  23. First time commenter…but I will keep coming back to see if that recipe for those treats is posted! They look amazing!

    wons last blog post..Intuition


    Comment by won on December 6, 2008
  24. Books –

    One True Thing, Anna Quindlen. Queen of Babble, Meg Cabot. Straight Up & Dirty, a memoir by Stephanie Klein – it’s hilarious.

    I’m currently reading In The Woods by Tana French and I can’t put it down!

    Kates last blog post..Getting in the Christmas spirit


    Comment by Kate on December 6, 2008
  25. I think you may need to post the recipe for those pb cups! they look fantastic!!


    Comment by NEWMOM on December 7, 2008
  26. What is this “losing weight” thing you speak of? I just gain and gain and gain.
    Book recommendations… Hm. I haven’t read anything I’ve LIKED in AGES. So I’m no help, unless you want recommendations for books that make me say meh.

    Becks last blog post..The Feast Of Saint Nicholas


    Comment by Beck on December 7, 2008
  27. Seriously, is that your own kitchen? Because 1) I have the exact same cabinets (what good taste you have!) and 2) that island is big enough to slaughter a cow. I am green with envy.

    threeundertwos last blog post..Extreme measures.


    Comment by threeundertwo on December 7, 2008
  28. So we were watching Harry Potter last night — not sure which one — and that Edward dude from Twilight was in it!

    that’s SO NICE that you took Emily to the play. Makes me smile just thinking about it. :)

    Haley-Os last blog post..New Exercise Plan and NEEDS ADVICE


    Comment by Haley-O on December 8, 2008
  29. *Sigh* Edward.


    Comment by Annie on December 8, 2008
  30. RECIPE for cups please!

    jennsters last blog post..what one place do you want to visit?


    Comment by jennster on December 8, 2008
  31. and nora roberts… ever read her trilogies? they’re pretty good! the key trilogy or the 3 sisters one…

    jennsters last blog post..what one place do you want to visit?


    Comment by jennster on December 8, 2008
  32. I’ve heard the Sound Of Music is incredible…I wish I could go!!!


    Comment by Multi-Tasking Mommy on December 15, 2008

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