November 3 08

The boy is 6*


he came into this world – surprise! – 20 months after his sister. and he was a big ole’ bald melonhead.

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(holy dark hair, Ali!)

Josh at 6 is a pretty awesome kid.

He is by far my best sleeper and by far my worst eater. but give him a pound of chicken wings and he’ll go to town. or steak. yes, he’s all boy, my child.

He is a superhero, a power ranger, a transformer.

He is a lego-maniac. and a Star Wars freak. He loves Webkinz and Xbox.

and is a master of the one-liner. some of his greatest hits:

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“Wanna know something weird? My knee-pit stinks!”

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Josh: Daddy, Britney Spears died.

Husband: No, she didn’t, Josh.

Josh: oh right, that was Moses (yes, that Moses. from the bible. because the two are so easily confused)

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#3 (on the airplane):

“daddy! i just farted in my own face!”

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husband: Josh, please don’t knee me in the balls, thanks.

emily, giggling: Daddy, what are balls? (giggle, giggle)

husband: they are the things underneath your penis.

josh: no, Daddy, those aren’t balls. they are poisonous beans.

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Josh: Daddy, I will be Luke Skywalker. Who will you be?

Daddy: I’ll be Obi-Wan Kenobi

Josh: Okay, but if you see Darth Vader, don’t kill him….cuz he’s my dad.

i seriously could go all day with these…

Happy Birthday Joshua! :)

*i published this EXACT post last year on when Josh turned 5. the funny thing is, it’s EXACTLY the same. i mean, i would probably add Bakugan and Ben 10 and Indiana Jones and Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl to the list of things he loves…but, really, he’s still the king of the one-liner, a shitty eater (unless it’s meat) and a good sleeper.

  1. I’m totally telling my daughter about those “poisonous beans.”

    Happy birthday to the king of one liners.

    Matthews last blog post..Return of Kitty (and how I need to do my laundry more often)


    Comment by Matthew on November 3, 2008
  2. Happy Birthday Joshua!

    Wow, poisonous beans and stinky knee pits. Awesome.

    Hollys last blog post..Feeling Yummy


    Comment by Holly on November 3, 2008
  3. I am seriously in tears, laughing right now – so not a good look at work. Something about looking forward to what’s to come with my carniverous boys and their one liners…

    Emmas last blog post..Hallowe’en visuals…


    Comment by Emma on November 3, 2008
  4. Poisonous beans? Is that waht they are? Well, that certainly explains a lot of my behavior! Cute, if weirdly introspective kid. I like that! Probably because I understand it…

    And Ali, you don’t look old…

    IrishGumbos last blog post..A Price For Pearls


    Comment by IrishGumbo on November 3, 2008
  5. Aw, I think Josh is AWESOME.

    He and Graham are only 2 months apart – they would be fast friends.

    Angellas last blog post..The Back Roads To Kelowna


    Comment by Angella on November 3, 2008
  6. That boy is 100 percent awesome! Happy 6th birthday!

    Six is so fantastic and fun. My youngest is six, and I get the impression he and Josh would be great friends, and not just because of the Wii. :)

    differentkindofgirls last blog post..I’m gonna put on ‘the thong song’ and we’ll tear this place apart


    Comment by differentkindofgirl on November 3, 2008
  7. Happy 6th Birthday!!

    Marias last blog post..I’ll show you a Socialist, you fucking idiots.


    Comment by Maria on November 3, 2008
  8. Happy birthday!


    Comment by Heather, Queen of Shake Shake on November 3, 2008
  9. happy birthday josh! poisonous beans hahaha


    Comment by LAVENDULA on November 3, 2008
  10. I want your kids. I could use a constant source of humor in my mundane life =)

    Camels & Chocolates last blog post..Got Milk?


    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on November 3, 2008
  11. Happy Birthday Joshua! (That big ole head is adorable)

    Sensibly Sassys last blog post..Time To Release The Spirits!


    Comment by Sensibly Sassy on November 3, 2008
  12. happy birthday josh!


    Comment by rachael on November 3, 2008
  13. Happy Birthday, Josh!

    Diannas last blog post..Question of the Week!


    Comment by Dianna on November 3, 2008
  14. The Darth Vader one is the best. LOL


    Miss Britts last blog post..Some bloggers are better than others.


    Comment by Miss Britt on November 3, 2008
  15. Happy Birthday Joshua! Looking forward to hearing more of his one-liners in the coming year, cutie.

    Kristens last blog post..Halloween tricks.


    Comment by Kristen on November 3, 2008
  16. My Muirne is 6 tomorrow! how the time flies! Happy Birthday to the one liner man!

    KD @ A Bit Squirrells last blog post..Because Channelling My Grandma in the Bedroom is HOT


    Comment by KD @ A Bit Squirrell on November 3, 2008
  17. Poisonous beans?

    LMFAO! Happy Birthday, Josh!


    Comment by mamatulip on November 3, 2008
  18. Man your kid is FUNNY!

    Happy Birthday Josh!!!

    sam {temptingmama}s last blog post..Stark Raving for Fall


    Comment by sam {temptingmama} on November 3, 2008
  19. Happy Birthday Josh!

    (Does he like the new Clone Wars tv series?)

    SciFi Dads last blog post..So Not Fair


    Comment by SciFi Dad on November 3, 2008
  20. Hi. cool blog. I clicked you through Daddy Dan and had to check it out. There is another Cheaper Than Therapy on Blogger and I new the pic didn’t match.

    WeaselMommas last blog post..Nobody Around Here Understands Me


    Comment by WeaselMomma on November 3, 2008
  21. Old maybe, but you’re still a yummy mummy. And wow! I thought my kids had big heads! Josh had a serious melon. And I mean that with all the love of a parent with giant headed children.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Origin Of The Species


    Comment by Captain Dumbass on November 3, 2008
  22. Poisonous Beans! Yay for Poisonous Beans! That’s my FAVOURITE kidspeak, like, of all time! Happy Birthday, Joshie

    Haley-Os last blog post..Cheaty Weekend in Pictures


    Comment by Haley-O on November 3, 2008
  23. I love the quotes…and his big ole baby melon head in the first photo!

    I have a six yr old, and he is so funny. It’s a cute age. And mine is totally into Legos and Star Wars and video games and such as well. Happy Birthday to your boy!


    Comment by Rhea on November 3, 2008
  24. Happy Birthday, Josh! You’re not old, BTW. You’re Fabulous! I think you’re a MILF, but maybe more of a MAGLF (mother all the Guys would Like to F***)

    jenboglasss last blog post..Fattie: Week 3


    Comment by jenboglass on November 3, 2008
  25. I hear the Moses had a recording contract and everything before he turned to religion. Rumor has it that he moonwalked down the mountain with the commandments.

    Jims last blog post..Wrong Number


    Comment by Jim on November 3, 2008
  26. Happy Birthday Dude! Your kids rock Ali (AND HOLY DARK HAIR GIRLFRIEND)


    Comment by katie ~ motherbumper on November 3, 2008
  27. happy birthday, joshie! i cannot believe he is 6. eventhough daniella is 6. what’s weird is that yitzy bitzy will be 5 in one month!


    Comment by adrienne on November 3, 2008
  28. How cute is he? I love kid one-liner’s. There are some GREAT ones at


    Comment by Krameymartin on November 3, 2008
  29. Oh my goodness…those quotes are hilarious. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! :) Happy birthday Josh!

    Jodis last blog post..Halloween 2008


    Comment by Jodi on November 3, 2008
  30. Poison beans, I gotta remember to teach my girls that. Sounds so much scarier than buttermilk factories.

    Hockeymans last blog post..The World is Watching


    Comment by Hockeyman on November 3, 2008
  31. Happy Birthday, Josh!

    What a cute kid! I love hearing the amazing things kids come up with!

    Daddy Dans last blog post..Ask The Bloggers: Week 4 – Great Advice For New Bloggers


    Comment by Daddy Dan on November 3, 2008
  32. Happy birthday, Joshua!

    Teena in Torontos last blog post..Look who’s baaaaack!


    Comment by Teena in Toronto on November 3, 2008
    OMG thats funny.

    and I just learned that Ben 10 is real? My 5 (who turns 6 in one week) year old talks about benten all the time but I thought it was a mispronunciation of pretend or something like that. hmmmm….

    so anyway, I like your hair color better now. Thats just me.


    Comment by monstergirlee on November 4, 2008
  34. Happy Birthday, Josh! The Force is with you!


    Comment by DWDWiltonDesign on November 4, 2008
  35. lol – I love the Moses line! Bearded biblical character, smutty blond singer…yup, I can see the opportunity for mistaken identity.
    I think my boy (turning two this Thursday) is going to grow up to be a comedian like Josh! If he ever hears his father pass wind he yells “Uh oh – daddy pooped!” and runs to hand hubby a diaper and wipe.

    Lucys last blog post..Boo!


    Comment by Lucy on November 4, 2008
  36. Aww, happy belated birthday! I love that he confused Moses and Britney Spears and poisonous beans? Made me snort.

    Courtneys last blog post..Thank. God.


    Comment by Courtney on November 5, 2008
  37. delicious

    that girls last blog post..Survivor Guilt: Prop 8


    Comment by that girl on November 5, 2008
  38. I like Dark Hair Ali.

    Also, I didn’t realize how much he looks like Isabella until you look at his baby photos.

    Kristabellas last blog post..Minnesota: Where They Like To Spell


    Comment by Kristabella on November 7, 2008

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