September 16 08

After spending $1200 on a portrait of my children in August, i was hoping that September was going to be a cheap month. and by cheap, i mean one where the husband doesn’t come to me with the Visa bill all highlighted, showing off all my transgressions (yes, he does this. but, to be fair, it’s because our numbers have been stolen and used in the past. most of the time he just wants to make sure that some thief didn’t steal our numbers and do a buttload of shopping at RW&co and Lucky and Gap kids)

but, hoo boy was i wrong. September is back-to-school. September is fall. September is when i go into my children’s closets, realize that they have nothing that fits because they decided that summer was a good time to grow a couple inches and shoe sizes.

so, i visit the mall.

i bought 14 pairs of tights for fall. the girls better want to wear skirts EVERY day. because tights? EXPENSIVE. (note to self: must get colored tights for the fall. they are everywhere. BRIGHT colors too.)

clothes for Isabella. easy. Old Navy. clothes for Josh. easy. H&M. seriously, they have the BEST boys clothes. except skinny jeans? for little boys? REALLY? Josh already looks way too much like a girl to put him in skinnies. he’s too young to be a Jonas Brother. and doesn’t have enough eyebrow.

Emily is, well, not as easy.

remember how she wanted an argyle J.Crew sweater? a $148 sweater…that she absolutely NEEDED or she’d die? well, i tried to pacify her with this

which…let’s just say, was around, um, $20. (bless you, H&M…and no, i’m not saying this just to taunt you, miss slynnro)

no go.

why, you ask? NOT CASHMERE.

and now…she absolutely needs a pair of these. or she’ll die.

which, at Brown’s, were $115. i tried to put this into perspective for her…i have to buy EIGHT pairs of shoes for the kids for fall. EIGHT. Emily needs school shoes, gym shoes and fancy synagogue shoes. Josh needs the same. and Isabella needs two. eight pairs of shoes that they are going to outgrow in THREE months.

so…we left with nothing. she folded her arms. sat down on the bench. and turned her nose up at every pair of shoes i showed her.

“i. am. not. wearing. skechers.”

and, you see, this is where my parenting needs to kick in. be smart, Ali. be sensible, Ali.

(because good god, i would want the lacostes too. i mean, i even kind of want the same pair that she wants. see? Emily would make a GREAT shopping buddy. but i have to be her mother, the voice of reason, and that sucks.)

“Then call your Bubbie.”

(my mom)

next fight we are going to have? jackets. all three of them need jackets. great…

maybe October will be a cheap month.

ps. i promised littleAli in a tutu and a porsche hoodie. and i ALWAYS deliver.

pps. have you seen the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin video yet???? i seriously want to make out with Tina Fey right now.

  1. Oh my God, how adorable are you in a tutu :)

    I’m soooooo lucky I only have one fashion dude to dress, I cannot imagine three! You have to admit .. cashmere Ali!! But hey, WHY does she even know what cashmere is lol …


    Comment by Sarah on September 16, 2008
  2. What the heck is H & M?

    And skinny jeans are definitely needed for some little boys. Payton is so skinny that pants fall off of him unless I buy slims. If only he wore jeans though…

    Heathers last blog post..I Coup d’état Myself and It Hurts So Good


    Comment by Heather on September 16, 2008
  3. What if I told you that when I put my hair up in a clip and I have my reading glasses on, I may look a smidge like Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? OK, then, what if it was mostly just like Sarah Palin?

    Stand strong! I’ve put off my shopping because of the credit card bill. However, my youngest son actually will start being referred to as a girl if his jeans get any shorter and look like capris.

    (thank you for giving me some of by boyfriend today!)

    differentkindofgirls last blog kids’ mom has got it goin’ on. apparently.


    Comment by differentkindofgirl on September 16, 2008
  4. Sigh…my hubbie put me on a budget after seeing my August Amex bill.

    But I’ve made it fun…I made a dorky little spreadsheet in my Palm Treo and it amazing how little I’m spending if I have to document it! haha!

    cristans last blog post..Commie Propaganda at Sunday School


    Comment by cristan on September 16, 2008
  5. It’s gotta be expensive getting kids ready for school.

    When I was a kid, we weren’t aware of name brands … good thing cuz we were poor.

    Teena in Torontos last blog post..Ten on Tuesday


    Comment by Teena in Toronto on September 16, 2008
  6. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, BEST comedy duo EVER! Saw the skit on Saturday but still HAD to watch it again!

    Loving Dangers last blog post..that’s all


    Comment by Loving Danger on September 16, 2008
  7. Couple things: skinny jeans should be outlawed. I cannot even believe they are available for boys at all!

    And I would want the Lacostes, too!

    annas last blog post..Dinosaur Hunting by Mini Right-Click


    Comment by anna on September 16, 2008
  8. oh Ali you’re so cute in your big puffy tutu!…and yes kids are so expensive especially when they are picky about what they wear!


    Comment by LAVENDULA on September 16, 2008
  9. wow- brand names at 7 years old!! I didnt know abot brand names until I was in high school!
    It really does not make any sense to spend so much money on something they will outgrow so quick. I could see buying her those shoes when she is in high school, and her foot size not growing.

    And just think, you hav two girls!
    I already know that my future looks bankrupt.

    Mayas last blog post..No- not everything is perfect.


    Comment by Maya on September 16, 2008
  10. I’m so glad my little monkeys are still too small to care about what they are wearing. In fact, if they could they’d be wearing their Spiderman outfits 24/7. Ok by me but mom frowns on this.

    My unemployment has cut back on my metrosexual clothing needs so September was pretty cheap around here. H&M? Must be an eastern store.

    Captain Dumbasss last blog post..Got Ink?


    Comment by Captain Dumbass on September 16, 2008
  11. oh. um, then i shouldn’t mention that october is halloween and last year i spent around $200 on my costumes?

    zeghsys last blog post..uncertainty


    Comment by zeghsy on September 16, 2008
  12. So did Bubbie follow through on the shoes? The girl has got style.

    Sensibly Sassys last blog post..He’s Baaack


    Comment by Sensibly Sassy on September 16, 2008
  13. Dood! That little girl of yours… She needs serious retail schooling. But those are really freakin adorable shoes.

    And Lil Ali is stinking CUTE!

    Misss last blog post..For a good time call…


    Comment by Miss on September 16, 2008
  14. That middle Jonas Brother? HOT. I’m such a perve…

    I’m in love with your daughter. She’s got great taste.

    Marias last blog post..Blogging 101


    Comment by Maria on September 16, 2008
  15. October will NOT be a cheap month for me. Seattle + Outlets = DANGER.


    Comment by Angella on September 16, 2008
  16. LOVED the Tina Fey/Palin sketch. She was awesome. So was Amy – I loved the “Tina Fey glasses” quip.

    I almost fainted when you said EIGHT pairs of shoes. LOL!


    Comment by mamatulip on September 16, 2008
  17. Yes, the sneakers are too expensive but I want them too!!! Maybe Bubbe wants to buy a pair for me?

    Jens last blog post..Thursday Thoughts


    Comment by Jen on September 16, 2008
  18. You know, we’ve planned family vacations around H&M locations. I’m not joking. We re-routed a trip to Seattle to San Fran because I heard rumors of H&M. Love those clothes! I’ve been back to school shopping for the kids too, but mine don’t go to school yet. But I’ve explained to the husband that I would like them to look like a walking Gap Ad at all times.

    jenboglasss last blog post..Our Weekend and Laundry I Just Don’t Want to Do


    Comment by jenboglass on September 16, 2008
  19. Oh, and the Tina Fey thing? I’ve worn out my DVR watching that thing. The FLIRJ comment that “Clinton” gives? My Urban Dictionary Word of the day came today and it read as follows: FLIRJ – An acronym for “First Lady I’d Rim Job”.

    jenboglasss last blog post..Our Weekend and Laundry I Just Don’t Want to Do


    Comment by jenboglass on September 16, 2008
  20. I was already to comment about how I am so not ready for Miss Peach to want expensive things. How I be happy that right now her world revolves around a Disney Princess tea set for $9.99…
    But then you went and brought up Tina Fey. Please, since you are obviously a fan, tell me why I HATE Tina Fey? I even asked my Husband. I don’t know why, and I would really love to make sense of this negative emotion towards her…

    Nap Wardens last blog post..Someone’s in Trouble


    Comment by Nap Warden on September 16, 2008
  21. It’s really tough finding cool clothes for boys. I always forget H&M, though. Maybe I will actually have to enter a mall soon.

    nomotherearths last blog post..PEI Post Mortem: A Few of My Favourite Things


    Comment by nomotherearth on September 16, 2008
  22. Holy cow, that girl would be an incredibly expensive shopping partner! Haven’t checked out the video yet, but am going to right now!


    Comment by Dianna on September 16, 2008
  23. Wow. Emily has amazing style. Can she be my personal shopper?

    heather…s last blog post..Master of Nothing


    Comment by heather... on September 16, 2008
  24. Oh Ali! You should have been strong. It only gets worse as they get older and if you cave in now…

    M&Co.s last blog post..There’s just no good way to say, “I’m sorry, my kid can’t eat your food.”


    Comment by M&Co. on September 16, 2008
  25. Oh Emily, Emily, Emily, you have all of your life to be a style snob! Next thing you know, she’s going to be coming to you wanting a Birkin bag and Hermes scarf. That’s when you ship her off to a convent for boarding school, give her some perspective ;-)


    Comment by Camels & Chocolate on September 16, 2008
  26. Give her a job, and let her see how many hours she has to put in before she earns that cashmere sweater… that’ll get her bargain shopping in a flash… then you’ll have your H & M buddy and you guys can still do lunch!


    Comment by Zip n Tizzy on September 16, 2008
  27. You are so going to have to do eBay to dress that kid. She has great taste but darn expensive.

    Sleepynitas last blog post..Letters to my Son. 2 years and 2 months old.


    Comment by Sleepynita on September 16, 2008
  28. Oh oh, October is Halloween!!! BIG spending….!

    Haley-Os last blog post..Collapsing the Structure So We Can Gradually Rebuild


    Comment by Haley-O on September 16, 2008
  29. when my 5 year-old son HAD to have roots soccer shorts, i told him i would pay for half (the amount i would normally spend on summer shorts) and that he had to “pay” me the other half– in chores he wouldn’t normally have to do (like mopping, dusting, etc.) i put a chart on the fridge and paid him $1 per chore until he paid me back. the best part: he actually learned how to do a decent job of mopping!


    Comment by diana on September 16, 2008
  30. Have you brought up to Emily the adoption yet? Because Texas is warmer and I am cooler.

    slynnros last blog post..Weekend Update: Wedding Edition


    Comment by slynnro on September 16, 2008
  31. Um, as a pro photographer, I am not charging enough if you paid someone $1200 to take your kids photo. You could fly me, round-trip, to Canada to do it for you for less than that.

    Undomestic Divas last blog post..Tragedy


    Comment by Undomestic Diva on September 16, 2008
  32. How cute were you!? (and still are, btw)

    The Jonas Brothers creep me out–and don’t even get me started on their pants/tights.

    The Over-Thinkers last blog post..Deep Thoughts….by The Over-Thinker


    Comment by The Over-Thinker on September 16, 2008
  33. I have concluded that, when you have kids, there is no such thing as a cheap month. (At least not when you’re married to my wife.)

    SciFi Dads last blog post..Independence


    Comment by SciFi Dad on September 16, 2008
  34. This makes me quite glad for school uniforms for my budding fashionistas.


    Comment by gorillabuns on September 16, 2008
  35. Ohh – Sarah Palin/Tina Fey and Amy Pohler/Hilary Clinton totally made my life. I’ve watched it at least 5 times – hilarious!!

    Emily (and all your kids!) have excellent taste in clothing. Do you think they’d take me shopping with them? I’m just sayin…

    You in a tutu = too cute. I don’t think mine was ever captured on film… oh well.

    Sarahs last blog post..Be Your Own Leading Lady


    Comment by Sarah on September 16, 2008
  36. I love H&M for work clothes. Our office is pretty casual and our H&M has a great casual/work section at the back of the store.

    I think I would laugh at my daughter if she asked me buy her shoes that cost $115. She grows out of shoes in 4 months! I can still pacify her with Old Navy. I don’t think she even knows what cashmere is. Thank god!

    Collettes last blog post..Peanuts or Penis


    Comment by Collette on September 17, 2008
  37. when I was a girl, our dance classes were held in the basement of a sport shop. I imagine the ambience was somewhat like the basement of the bowling alley, except maybe a little quieter.

    I’d kind of like a porsche hoodie myself.


    Comment by jennie on September 17, 2008
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  39. I KNOW when I have kids I’m going to have a daughter just like Emily. For punishment for refusing to wear anything but Guess jeans in high school.

    Rhis last blog post..Things you should go look at


    Comment by Rhi on September 17, 2008
  40. Where does she even learn about Lacoste shoes, let alone know she wants them?

    It’s not like they are advertising those on TV.

    Kristabellas last blog post..Drunken Birthday Extravaganza


    Comment by Kristabella on September 17, 2008
  41. September kicked my butt-get (budget, get it? I was trying to be clever) too. Between school uniforms, supplies, and 2 hurricanes, I’m done! Oh, and did I mention the school trip to NYC that costs $1400?!


    Comment by Renee on September 18, 2008

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